Critically Low

ByAlf Jan 19, 2017

Holy smokes.  Rolled into the parking lot this morning at 5:27 and couldn't find a spot to park.  Thought I was going to have to valet the car,


Removing your New Year’s Calluses

ByVoodoo Jan 12, 2017

18 manly men posted at Meathead this morning for a completely stationary Meathead. After providing a thorough and well-rehearsed disclaimer, we p


Gristled Meat(heads)

ByHigh Tide Jan 5, 2017

15 pax saw the pre-tweet and posted for a strength-focused beatdown today at Meathead.  What, you say, aren't all Meathead beatdowns strength-fo


Solo Substi-Q Due to Inclement Weather (Presumed) aka “Where’s everybody at?”

ByMAD Dec 29, 2016

1 man answered the call this morning and posted at Meathead.  Or 1 man missed the call/tweet overnight and posted at Meathead anyway.  For thos



ByArgonaut Dec 22, 2016

6 of us for some rock-n-roll and some heavy lifting. 515, YHC rolls up to a new AO, first visit, not even sure where the normal guys park. Set up

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Post Pearl Harbor Day Kettlebell Beatdown

Byarchive Dec 8, 2016

16 strong men got stronger today and this is how it was done:  Tunes started as 4 meat runners rolled in and the cars kept coming until 5:31. 


Layer Up

ByFletch Dec 1, 2016

Not paying much attention to the weather, I suited up this morning with the warmest baselayer I could find, packed up the Bluetooth speaker and r


Meat and Potatoes

ByVoodoo Nov 18, 2016

A baker's dozen posted at Meathead for a somewhat random workout devised by YHC. After a brief yet thorough disclaimer (don't sue me), we got dow


Five reps… should be easy enough (WRONG)

ByFletch Nov 10, 2016

Haven't posted at Meathead in a while (running got in the way a little bit) and I have missed it dearly. Great site and regulars out there week

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Muscle failure (and a shower)

ByHigh Tide Nov 3, 2016

9 pax assembled for their weekly muscle-building beatdown, with some questions in mind: Am I in the right place? Yes, just back up, as the

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