Wait! This isn’t Hydra!

ByHigh Tide Oct 6, 2016

No.  No, it isn't.  Nothing disparaging to say about my formerly favorite Thursday workout, prior to Meathead that is, but this ain't Hydra. 

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1 Minute work/ 1 minute rest – sort of…

ByWitchDoctor Oct 1, 2016

A damp morning welcomed 15 PAX to meathead for an opportunity to build ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Warmup: SSH x 15 10


We Lifted You Didn’t

ByBrown Sep 25, 2016

14 Bros brought their bells and their effort today. Easy. Simple. Brutal. Always pays off. Read on.   COP Prying squat x 5 Good mornin


Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery

ByVoodoo Sep 16, 2016

9 knuckle-draggers rolled out of bed this morning for a pyramid beatdown applied by YHC. 2 of the pax were unwise enough to meet for a pre-run.

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You’re gonna need a bathroom with handrails

ByBrown Sep 11, 2016

Today was leg day. If you missed my tweet the night before....bahahahahahahahaha!! Here's how it all infolded: Prying squat x 5 Good Morning x

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Let there be Rock…

ByHigh Tide Sep 1, 2016

10 pax wisely chose the meathead option this morning, ignoring calls for more running (except YHC who, contrary to form, arrived so early he got


MEAT(head) GRINDER: “Wait…..30 more swings?”

Byarchive Aug 25, 2016

8 men met in the humid gloom to get stronger.  After a thorough disclaimer, this is what went down: THE THANG As YHC fell asleep last night ag


If you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile…

ByYoung Love Aug 18, 2016

6 men made a small decision this morning to step out of bed instead of shutting off their alarm and rolling over. That decision was followed by a


TGUs and Protein Shakes

ByHigh Tide Aug 5, 2016

8 meatheads posted for the 2-year anniversary of Area 51's premier #0.0 strength workout.  The celebration was a slower paced style of #brogy

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24 Armed Meathead Monster Spotted Getting Stronger

Byarchive Jul 28, 2016

12 meatheads posted this morning to get stronger.  This is how they did it: THE THANG 5:30 struck.  Short disclaimer and we began...