Stick to the Basics

ByFault Line Nov 10, 2017

Whether it's running, gym workouts, or boot camps; sometimes trying to be too creative just doesn't makes sense. Barefoot running...really? Crazy

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Move Love Bombs, Less F-Bombs

ByOrangeWhip Nov 3, 2017

This was Big League Chew's prayer after leading the men in an epic, curb heavy workout today at Kevlar.   14 of South Charlotte's fine

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“Just wait…McGee will show”

ByOrangeWhip Oct 27, 2017

Those were the words that Fault Line said as 5:29 rolled around. He continued to vouch for him and said that McGee's a veteran and he's known for


Refuseniks in the Mist

ByHops Oct 13, 2017

15 of Area 51's heartiest lads suited up for another Friday edition of Kevlar...and then Joker arrived to make it an even 16.  YHC was woefully

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Pre-blast for LET THEM SOAR 5K / SpeedForNeed Event

ByMadison Oct 11, 2017

You've seen what kind of impact Speed for Need can have on both you and the community, so let's keep the momentum going.  Join the A51 PAX and T


Chesticle Friday

ByPoptart Sep 29, 2017

I was blindsided Monday by Orangewhip when he asked me to Q, which I agreed to.  All week long Faultline and Orangewhip were nervous on whether

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9 Servings of Goulash…coming up!!

ByFault Line Sep 22, 2017

Gou·lash (ɡo͞oˌläSH): a mixture of heterogeneous elements Credit to Gummy for describing our workout; but that's exactly what we did this



ByTurkey Leg Sep 17, 2017

A small but highly dedicated crowd of Kevlar regulars showed up for a post-BRR shake-out…   The Thang: Setup tires on field – o

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Empty Threats

ByOrangeWhip Sep 8, 2017

My 6 year old's teacher asked the class: "Why is it important to learn to read?" My son responded: "So when it's time to go to jail you can re

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Delicious Dish

ByRhapsody Aug 25, 2017

  Here is what we did: Run around the church randomly circling up and putting in some warm up time:   Run to the imfamouse

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