ByTiger-Rag Jun 7, 2013

Just as Uranus has 27 moons, so Kevlar also had 27 pax.  And where I come from, Pluto is still a planet.  #Oldschool THANG Mosey to parkin

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No, not that again!

BySkywalker May 31, 2013

24 men jumped out of the fartsack for lots of running and miscellaneous fun. The Thang COP- SSH, IW, Slow Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peters M

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Strap it on and take the pain!

ByBulldog May 24, 2013

31 of Charlotte's toughest (or craziest) F3ers showed up for some Backcracker pain at Kevlar today. The Thang Bulldog lead: mosey to parking lo

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Are Those Your Legs or Did You Ride in on a Chicken?

ByTiger-Rag May 17, 2013

We were one Skywalker short of three dozen for a little bit of leg work.  Okay--a lot of leg work (read: only leg work). THE THANG Little bab

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In a Pinch for a Q

ByHops May 10, 2013

With Bulldog on the DL, the Kevlar pax had to settle for YHC as Q on this beautiful Friday morning.  Nevertheless, 30 non-fartsackers launched

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Merkin Circle

ByBulldog May 3, 2013

32 (nearly 33) fine men showed up to enjoy some Kevlar pain on a perfect morning. Had new guy Della (Tyler Andrus) bothered to get out of his mus

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Taper with a Merlot Twist

ByBulldog Apr 26, 2013

22 dodgy geezers showed up at Kevlar for a nice taper involving sprints, hills, tires and the odd any hill. No snakes today and we got right to i

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Where are the Snakes?!

BySkywalker Apr 19, 2013

35 of the faithful posted this morning despite reports of snakes biting and fireants stinging at the site. The Thang Mosey to courtyard for CO


Storms don’t suck

ByBulldog Apr 12, 2013

'Your chances of getting struck by lightning go up if you stand under a tree, shake your fist at the sky, and say "Storms suck!" - Johnny Carson


Shocking Soccer Skills!

ByBulldog Apr 5, 2013

16 fine gents arose in the wee hours to take on a soccer (real football) style workout which turned out to be more intense than English Q had p