Respect The Whistle

By49er Aug 30, 2013

39 pax realized that they can fartsack when they are dead and so decided to posted at Kevlar this morning. Warm up: There wasn't one. The Than

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This feels reeaalllll good!!!

ByBulldog Aug 23, 2013

Another great turnout at Kevlar this morning for a Bulldog lead beatdown involving pretty much every muscle in the human body. Could have topped

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Fitties, not Fifteens

ByBananas Aug 16, 2013

Dangerous start to the day, left the iphone alarm on vibrate, almost sabotaged myself and fartsacked my own Q.   I'm sure that would have made

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Head for the Mountains of Busch….

ByStone Cold Aug 12, 2013

29 Faithful came out in the gloom and followed Busch into the mountains......... Mosey to park Side straddle hops Imperial walker Merkins 50

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Special guest – not Old Man Bulldog but Jack Webb

ByBulldog Aug 2, 2013

The special guest was supposed to be Old Man Bulldog but due to the fartsack the orginal workout was tweaked on the fly and we had another specia

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Is that a rock in your pocket?

ByBulldog Jul 19, 2013

30 eager individuals woke from their slumber to endure some Kevlar pain. THE THANG Mosey to street and turn into fire lane (avoid Marvel squeal

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Backcracker is back!

ByBulldog Jul 12, 2013

40 fellas including 3 FNG's ventured into the muggy gloom to get a dose of Backcracker's band workout. After stiffing Hoff with the co-Q 4 weeks

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Deadly duo on Q at Kevlar

ByBulldog Jul 6, 2013

(Bulldog on behalf of Snakebite and Fletch.) 16 non-fartsackers fought off the desire to stay in bed after a wet July 4th to venture into the un

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Road Trip

ByTiger-Rag Jun 28, 2013

Thirty one flavors of pax came to the new site for some old-fashioned pain. Mosey to the Barnes & Noble parking lot for a nod toward a warm

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Running, Short on Gloom

ByTiger-Rag Jun 21, 2013

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti, so 26 pax rose for some solitary company. Run to Unmentionable Grassy Location x

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