Her name is Rosalita

ByPuddin Pop Feb 14, 2020

Proud to be the Q on Valentines Day.  Such an important holiday.  It was nice for eight other guys to share my enthusiasm for doing some exerci

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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

ByHorsehead Jan 17, 2020

Pax:  Fault Line, Lex, Cottontail, Spack, Puddin, Christmas, Horsehead (Q)     Where is my John Wayne Where is my prairie so

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Christmas with the Easter Bunny

ByHorsehead Dec 20, 2019

BB on my iPhone. Got 5 mins. Christmas, Cottontail and Horsehead for a fun filled 45 mins at Kevlar this am. Giant Starfish aroun

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Why did you all come?

ByAlf Dec 13, 2019

34 degrees and rain. Doesn't get much worse than that. There was a corner of me that was hoping know one else would show, but good men like Ho

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Is someone buried here?

ByHops Dec 6, 2019

6 pax mustered on a milder than expected Friday. Floorslapper was LIFO, of course. Not long into the downpainment, Spackler took of his Titlei


who likes ice cream, great – 10 burpees OYO

ByFletch Nov 26, 2019

9 were in the lot when the clock struck 5:30 so away we went towards the tennis pavilion. After witnessing a truck head into the lot we detoure

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Gelato + Burritos = No bueno

BySpackler Oct 25, 2019

Pax: Xmas, Fault Line, McRib, HH, Puddin, Poptart, Hoppa, Manziel, Spack 7 unsuspecting souls, a site FNG and a man bleeding profusely from


Huge Chestes

ByPuddin Pop Oct 11, 2019

Twas a beautiful Fall morn, whereby 11 gents dismounted from their chariots to strap on the #F3Kevlar and get after it. I'd be remiss if I di

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“In cadence….??!”

ByFault Line Sep 27, 2019

(written by Fault Line) So finally Homer gets his opportunity to Q for the very first time. He was scheduled a few weeks back but life got in th

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Can you kick it?

ByBulldog Aug 30, 2019

A dozen fine fellas made it out to a beautiful morning at Kevlar. YE OLDE NAKED MOLESKINE Don't have time to rehash the details of such a

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