Start Your Engines…..

ByMadDog Jun 17, 2019

19 Pax came out for a good beat down today at Flash. Seeing as I failed to write a backblast for the Nesbit 300, I figured I would fire up the

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Really Clever Title here

ByDeflated Jun 14, 2019

What a day to be alive, sixty some odd degrees and not a bit of humidity. Sounds like the perfect day to run around like an idiot and see if twe

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Burpee/Rock Press Web Heaven

ByBanjo Jun 7, 2019

My one goal this morning was to punish everyone equally! Zin Man sent me a google earth map of the facility yesterday and after two hours my WV

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Course Correction

ByRecalculating May 31, 2019

16 present for the monthly AMRAP at Impromptu. Although the current course has been around for a good 5 months not many all Pax were familiar

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WUC Transition – 2nd Board Meeting

ByBottlecap May 26, 2019

7 gathered to discuss a few relevant topics from the initial board meeting. What the heck is our Region name?What is IT, why is IT importan

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I walk the Line

ByRecalculating May 17, 2019

22 showed up on a crisp southern morning to finish off the week at the best campus in Union County. I've been out of the mix a bit with a lot o

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ByDeadwood May 10, 2019

24 Pax posted this morning in hopes of bettering their selves physically and I think they succeeded! In total, we only covered about 2 miles but

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Blimps & Bombs over the Asylum

ByMadDog May 6, 2019

Well, YHC had a lot of work to do today. Never one to cower when I failed at something, I had some redeeming to do for missing my last Asylum Q

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One small step for F3, One giant leap for South Charlotte

ByBottlecap Apr 9, 2019

Western Union is embarking on the exciting journey of becoming our own F3 Region. While the official Region name and the launch date are still

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Tyson – Sentence Reduced

ByRecalculating Mar 29, 2019

There was a whiff in the air this morning; wasn't sure if it was DoughBoys gloves, the diesel bus fumes or the alcohol seeping from Zin's pores.

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