One small step for F3, One giant leap for South Charlotte

ByBottlecap Apr 9, 2019

Western Union is embarking on the exciting journey of becoming our own F3 Region. While the official Region name and the launch date are still

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Tyson – Sentence Reduced

ByRecalculating Mar 29, 2019

There was a whiff in the air this morning; wasn't sure if it was DoughBoys gloves, the diesel bus fumes or the alcohol seeping from Zin's pores.

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Impromptu Field Trip

ByBottlecap Mar 22, 2019

20 PAX gathered at Cuthbertson Middle for a good ole fashioned field trip. One PAX actually got dropped off by his mom wife (oh wait, that was

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All About the Briarcrest, Baby.

ByHollywood Mar 15, 2019

I really shouldn’t be the one writing this backblast today. The master orators that are Fuse Box or Zinfandel should be as they were the ma

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impromptu work out?

ByTransporter Mar 8, 2019

That was the text chain almost 4 years ago when Impromptu started. Funny enough if I remember correctly it was Frack, Doc, Dasher, Turtle and S

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Run for Cover – Excuse-Arama

ByRecalculating Feb 22, 2019

Was looking forward to the 2nd running of the new Amrap course and all the beauty she would be providing. Cantore was a concern with the rain s

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Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

ByZinfandel Feb 15, 2019

Coming this summer for your sweaty pleasure is Banjo Wine Co's first release, a light & refreshing Zinfandel. Best enjoyed out of a mason jar

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1980’s Clydesdale Picnic (Chiseled In Disguise)

ByFuseBox Feb 8, 2019

22 Pax came out to enjoy one last day of early spring before winter makes one last push. About 11 months ago we had a similar situation with a

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You can’t be cold if you don’t stop

ByDeflated Feb 1, 2019

20 Men showed up to a brisk Impromptu, to me they all looked a little cold. Why were they so cold? I think it's because they were standing still

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A washed up QB goes back to school

ByEli Jan 28, 2019

Twas a chilly Saturday morning that 8 PAX decided to brave in order to learn the ABC's of being a Q from two of the original fellas: Posse and

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