Playing In The Rain

ByChicken Little Oct 16, 2020

DICCS Given- CPR, cell phone, modify if needed ect..   written by Chicken Little cause Schneider hates writing back-blast.. First o

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ByDasher Oct 6, 2020

Hostile Take Over Swarm attacks Impromptu Recal and I have been talking about bringing back the monthly AMRAPs and he asked me yesterday if

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Mental Barriers

ByChastain Sep 25, 2020

I can't say I was hoping for rain, but I also can't say I was disappointed. 9 idiots decided to brave the rain. 1 idiot intelligent person wise-g

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Impromtu Back Blast

ByEasy Button Sep 11, 2020

*FUN FACT* Big Ben runs faster backwards than he does forward.  Who would have known. DICC’s given at 5:29 and time to mosey. Opening mo

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Dating Game makes for Awkward Workout

ByBottlecap Sep 4, 2020

22 men at Impromptu tried to have either the Post-IPC or Pre-IPC easy workout.  Since YHC was still smoked from Wednesday’s individual IPC and

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Wait I have what tomorrow

ByDana Aug 28, 2020

Two Qs in one week, what was I thinking. A special shout out to Schneider and Chicken Little for reminding me yesterday at the 87th worst site in

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The Serpentine of Doom Abdul

ByMadDog Aug 10, 2020

12 Pax joined YHC for a little homage to Delta this morning. The Thang: Quick Mosey around the outer perimeter of the Target block. Warm

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