Ignition PAX Challenge

ByBottlecap Sep 15, 2020

10 guys showed up at Ignition to complain about IPC's Week 3 workout.  With rumors of this being the last warm morning of the year, YHC was plan

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Am I Worthy?

ByCarb Load Aug 31, 2020

Nine souls joined YHC for a morning tour through Champion Forest. We hit all of the streets and made sure we covered every inch as we ran 4 of th

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Lawson is way over there

ByTransporter Aug 24, 2020

Started with a mosey and 10 pax to kick off ignition.  I brought to the table two options,  I really wanted to head to my house and do some hil

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Say hello to my little friends

ByIce9 Aug 17, 2020

18 men showed up for Ignition to get out of their comfort zones. Everyone grabbed a couple friends for the trip, explored some new territory, did

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The Serpentine of Doom Abdul

ByMadDog Aug 10, 2020

12 Pax joined YHC for a little homage to Delta this morning. The Thang: Quick Mosey around the outer perimeter of the Target block. Warm

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Burnt Ends

ByRecalculating Aug 10, 2020

Working on my VQ for Ignition was not fun.  How could I get the required 4+ miles in with still being within shouting distance of the Gazelles -

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ByGerber Aug 3, 2020

Today was my Ignition VQ! Was a good run with everyone that worked their butts off! And NO this is not the express, we went doing merkins/burpees

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You’re a Champion, We’re all Champions

ByGerber Jul 27, 2020

What's the best thing to do at 5:15am on a Monday morning after a long hot weekend?  Hit the crowd favorite Champion Forest of course. No Hol

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