Let’s Save That For Another Day

ByGerber Feb 22, 2021

I had a plan for today.  Something that I've been thinking about for a while.  With sunny weather and good temps this weekend and only 30% chan

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Unwritten rules

ByChastain Feb 15, 2021

Trying to knock out the last few sites I've ever Qed before. Checked The Floater off thr list last week, I have Swarm this Friday, and today I

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Surprise AMRAP for the Flash boys!

ByGoodfella Feb 9, 2021

The day after the Super Bowl always brings small crowds around here, but factor in some guys trying to recover from Saturday's Waxtravaganza and

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Waxtravanganza Legs

BySugar Daddy Feb 8, 2021

Brand new week...ready to crush it. (even with sore Waxtravanganza legs) Since Ignition is a high intensity running workout, I fully came to Q

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Roosters have Shoulders too!

ByBottlecap Feb 1, 2021

12 PAX put the petal down at Ignition on a surprisingly warmer than expected mid-30s morning.  With The Rooster officially being announced for m

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Commit to Q

ByChatterbox Jan 27, 2021

When Glidah asked me to Q ignition I was excited about it. I Plan and then re-plan, and then erase everything. Had just 1 mile loop in plan all o

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Back to the Ignition Basics

ByHollywood Jan 18, 2021

4 Ignition regulars joined me in a brief running tour of what Lawson has to offer.   Disclaimer. Warm Up: Run to end of Prickly Lane in N

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Redemption Q

ByMadDog Jan 11, 2021

After a little goof up last Monday, that left many Clydesdale Pax to suffer at the hand of Dasher, I had to get back out and redeem myself fo

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