Missing Q

ByRun Stopper Aug 1, 2013

19 very confused PAX assembled in the shadows of OP for the Q to show.. The THANG -   The thang  mirken x25 Mt climbers x25 LBCs x25 Bur

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“Tellurite to eat bratwurst codons out Siminoe were just dancing.”

ByDonkey Kong Jul 25, 2013

27 men gathered in the gloom to put a downpainment on the day. The grass was wet, the air was cool, and the muscle fibers were screaming: Run ar

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A Slight Change of Pace

ByDonkey Kong Jul 18, 2013

26 men gathered in the somewhat refreshingly cool gloom to do some work and generate some pain. Work was done and pain was had.   The Than

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Covering some terrain, finding some pain at Hydra

ByBugeater Jul 11, 2013

Tiger Rag showing potential at young age 30 men (3 FNG's) posted and several Pax accepted the run to workout option. There was some exploring o

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Men Can Pole Dance Too.

By49er Jun 27, 2013

23 men including 2 FNG's appeared out of the gloom for another battle at Hydra. Warm up: There wasn't one. The Thang: -YHC took the pax on th

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Hydra kicks back with a nice cold Rolling Rock.

ByDonkey Kong Jun 20, 2013

25 men gathered in the refreshingly cool gloom to relax with a nice cold Rolling Rock. When in doubt, the answer is always 33. The Thang: Mosey

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A Monster Named Hydra Rises Up From The Sweet Briny Gloom

ByDonkey Kong Jun 13, 2013

32 men gathered in the damp, thick gloom this morning to once again push mind and muscle to the limit. Hard work was done. Pain was delivered. Mo

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Hydra delivers in usual Monster form

ByBugeater Jun 6, 2013

Strong showing of South Charlotte’s Thursday many headed monster workout Hydra. Right from the start this workout had the making for some hard

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A 13-Headed Monster Named Hydra

ByDonkey Kong May 23, 2013

13 hearty souls stepped forth on a moist Thursday morning to get after some pain and discomfort. None left disappointed. The Thang: Donkey Kong

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Hydra Monster Second Sighting

ByBugeater May 19, 2013

Strong second showing of South Charlotte’s Thursday many headed monster workout Hydra. 27 men posted and YHC counted at least 7 pax who accepte

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