Happy 2 year Anniversary Hydra

ByCheese Curd May 7, 2015

With the virtual flag planted, clock at 0530 and a quick announcement that we would honor the original Site Q's and we were off.   The Tha


Pick your poison

BySpackler May 1, 2015

It was @F3Golf day.  That day of the year where every hacker has a chance for glory.  Teams were prepping their batting order trying to figure


Three Headed Hydra

ByChelms aka Tatertot Apr 23, 2015

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 16 of F3's finest gathered at Hydra to slay the beast.   The PAX was closer to the Q's age than the you


Hydro turns Hydra

ByPuddin Pop Apr 20, 2015

A solid three headed monster fought the rain, puddles, lakes, dirt, mud, etc. for the weekly downPainment at Hydra. Looking for the traditional l

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At Least This BB Is Posted The Night Before the Following Week’s Workout!

ByMall Cop Apr 15, 2015

First of all, my apologies to the pax for this late backblast, but as the title says, I'm sneaking it in the nick of time the night before the fo

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Guess how old I am?

ByBaracus Apr 2, 2015

The VSF was planted, the pax was disclaimed, and after a few jabs at YHC's age we were off to do some work.  It won't take you long to figure ou


The Hydra Hotel Room Special

ByStrange Brew Mar 27, 2015

So YHC planned most of the workout after ones that I have done in my hotel room, usually in the middle of suffering through jet lag and the worko


Survive and Advance

ByHops Mar 19, 2015

The VSF was planted in the northern Area51 gloom, and 16 Thursday morning bracket busters set out for another trek around the multi-headed monste


Pull-ups, Burpee’s, and the Tunnel of Love

ByDonkey Kong Mar 12, 2015

Nine pax gathered in the warm morning gloom to sweat and do work. The Thang: Warmup lap around school SSH x 30 Imperial Walkers x 30 Mosey t

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Idle Minds = Double Merkin Box Jump Burpees

ByChampagne Mar 6, 2015

12 Men thought they would take advantage of the early Spring like weather by posing Hydra, before the next arctic blast arrives on Friday. We di

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