Bricks are HEAVY

ByChelms aka Tatertot Oct 16, 2014

17 of South Charlotte's finest ignored of the call of the fartsack and gathered in the gloom for some brick work. The Thang - Grab two bricks fr


Escalator to No Where

ByChampagne Oct 9, 2014

11 men decided it was better to start the day off with a healthy dose of pain vs. sleeping late. And the cool temps made for a great Gloom this

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Century Club

ByEscargot Oct 2, 2014

15 Pax slipped out of the Fartsack clutches to make their morning downpainment at Hydra. I have yet to Q at Hydra, and due to the solid stable o

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Mud Anyone?

ByChampagne Sep 25, 2014

21 of Area 51s finest decided to enjoy the early fall temps and a nice helping of starfish stew in prep for next week's mud run - the F3 Big game


Ring Run?

ByKirk Sep 18, 2014

18 men ventured into the gloom under near perfect conditions for the unpredictable weekly downpainment known as Hydra - the only workout to bring


Area 51 9/11 Convergence – Never Forget

ByBugeater Sep 11, 2014

F3 brothers from Charlotte, Winston Salem and Raleigh were all represented among the 89 who joined in today's workout that went something like


Area 51 9/11 convergence preblast

ByBugeater Sep 9, 2014

  On September 11, 2001 you know where you were. You will never forget it. We are asked to never forget.  What we saw, how we felt, and

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Oh Burpee, Where Art Thou?

ByDonkey Kong Aug 28, 2014

9 men met in the refreshingly cool gloom to work up a sweat and thrash their muscles. The Thang - Run to back field: SSH x 25 Imperial Walker


Bear With Me

ByCottonmouth Aug 14, 2014

10 men ventured out into the cool, fall-like, gloom to endure a Bear Crawlorama for .97 miles...followed by lots of fun. The Thang Take a lap ar


Mulligan on the 5th?

ByKirk Aug 7, 2014

11 men gathered in the gloom at Olde Providence this morning for a trip off campus. The THANG Run to Good Shepherd for short COP / warm up SSH