ByGood Hands Aug 27, 2015

11 pax showed up at Hydra to see what was in store. No newbies, so short disclaimer given and off we went. This is what we did: WARMUP SSH x 25


The Mythical 8-Headed Beast

ByFlutie Flakes Aug 20, 2015

11 men fought the urge to fartsack and converged on the grounds of Olde Providence Elementary.  Here's what we did: Quick lap around the parkin

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no sleep = shared pain for all

ByRun Stopper Aug 13, 2015

10 (eventually turned into 11) men were circled up in the gloom wondering what runstopper would show up today.. the loud commanding runstopper o

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Tour of OP Promised. Tour Delivered.

ByCheese Curd Aug 6, 2015

Another hot and humid morning where 5 men where asked the question:  Should we run or do a traditional boot camp? I heard one boot camp and on


Glad it wasn’t humid this morning or that would have sucked.

ByChampagne Jul 30, 2015

8 MEN ignored YHC's warning not to post and decided to embrace the suck and breath deep the Gloom of Hydra. Started with 9, one of which was an

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Kent, I believe the pyramidal tracks are housing development outside of Cairo.

ByGummy Jul 23, 2015

9 men skipped a European Vacation this week, gathering instead in an Elementary School parking lot at 5:30 am. No shovel flag, but our normal (em


“This is the police! We have you surrounded!!”

ByHopper Jul 16, 2015

Nine studs started off their day at Hydra this only semi-humid morning.  We had police escorts the entire time due to it being Puddin Pops' birt

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Ring Run-ish

ByChico Jul 9, 2015

10 fleet footed pax just felt like running. The Thang: -Leave school and head down Rea toward Summerlin. Hang right and run down Summerlin hill


Starfish at the Hydra

ByHuggieBear Jul 2, 2015

11 of South Charlotte’s finest, including 2 FNGs, showed up along with the humidity to slay the Hydra. Started with a jog around the school and

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Pyramid Scheme

ByHairball Jun 25, 2015

8 southern gentlemen showed up at OPE this morning to put in work. Lots of concerning articles circulating this week on the effects of @Hops on m

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