Christmas Eve Hydra

ByGood Hands Dec 25, 2015

8 pax showed up on this balmy Christmas Eve for another installment of Hydra. Solid group of veterans so short disclaimer given and off we went.


Shuffle Up and Deal

ByPuddin Pop Dec 17, 2015

Posted on behalf of Ironsides   Three (3), just 3 men were man enough to brave the wet weather to get dealt a deck of pain at Hydra. At 5

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Not a Pre-Blast For Tomorrow

ByChico Dec 16, 2015

Yes, Hydra is tomorrow. Yes, it has been a week since my Q. Yes, I am normally a same day backblast sort of Q, but there was a lot of justice t

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Fire It Up

ByGood Hands Dec 3, 2015

Posted on behalf of Backdraft: 12 junior fire fighters posted on a dark damp morning. Given a torn hamstring, injury from "Area 51 Turkey Bowl"

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Soggy Gloom – 65 degrees – are we sure its Nov 19th.

ByChampagne Nov 19, 2015

6 MEN decided to tackle the beast known as Hyrda on this soggy, muggy morning. All veteran crew so quick disclaimer provided and off we went. S

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ByDaisy Nov 12, 2015

The intent of today's workout was to be delightfully simple yet tastefully brutal. Here's what the 6 headed hydra did: *Run around the baby tra

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Full Body Beatdown

ByPuddin Pop Nov 5, 2015

Posted on behalf of Queen...   9 fine gentlemen posted on a dark damp morning. I heard Semi-gloss mutter someting about not wanting to run

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It’s Halloween, but time to dust off the cob webs

ByCheese Curd Oct 29, 2015

15 men of south charlotte decided to roll the dice with this dusty Q.  Full disclosure and YHC announced it's been about 3 weeks since my last p


Trip around the AO

BySemi-Gloss Oct 22, 2015

12 men took to the workout like a bear takes to salmon The thing Run around to summerlin and COP at the corner of Summerlin and Abbotswood 25

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Slow Counts

ByFireman Ed Oct 15, 2015

What a lovely morning for 19 healthy men and one with a bad disc to head into the gloom for a beat down. Bad disc man almost turned around and

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