A Tradition Like No Other

ByClover Apr 9, 2020

The swap that never happened; was going to switch with Hopper and take on Hydra today, but either a bat or a chemical lab had other plans. In

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Where was everyone?

ByClover Apr 2, 2020

I was allegedly the Q today; Hopper does not know this but weeks ago I was going to switch with him to take April 9th, and had a pretty legit wor

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Modify as needed evidently means no burpees

ByChampagne Mar 6, 2020

Solid Hydra group – several guys running in – quick disclaimer and off we went. First boot camp post for YHC in a while. Gummy called YHC

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Papa Was a Rolling Stone

ByJetFuel Feb 27, 2020

20 of Area 51’s finest PAX assembled on a clear and somewhat chilly Thursday morning in the Olde Providence ES staff parking lot to tackle the

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Happy birthday, Chuck!

ByHoover Feb 13, 2020

“Rules are made for people not willing to make up their own” – Chuck Yeager. 28 brave souls (including YHC) made the decision to weather

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BySprockets Jan 24, 2020

A final text from Sprockets with advice to “Better double-alarm-clock this one” ensured that YHC got no sleep the night before his VQ. Howev

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ByRevlon Jan 16, 2020

26 PAX braved the mid-January morning weather for a little fun at F3 Hydra this morning. A brief disclaimer was given to the 3 or 4 guys listenin

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Is Anybody Listening to Me?

ByPuddin Pop Jan 9, 2020

Accuweather had us right about 30 degrees, and 18 hearty souls decided to join me in slaying the Hydra. Arrived fairly early (Q school rules),


“Don’t Embarrass Us.”

ByHops Jan 2, 2020

Last night, Gummy texted YHC with a thank you, a caution and a threat.  Having been duly encouraged, how could YHC not Q the first Hydra edition


Anniversary Weinke

ByMarge Dec 12, 2019

Hydra - 12/12/2019 Pax list: Marge (QIC), Geraldo, Sprockets, Gummy, Sleepy, Chico, Beaver, Beaver (Guest from Raleigh), Queen, Spackler, Bou