Finding Keith Gordon

ByHops Jan 7, 2021

Quick, customary disclaimer after everyone emerged from their well-heated vehicles at 5:59:37.  19 Area51 pax launched, and Floorslapper reclaim

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Kajagoogoo & French gloves

ByHops Dec 3, 2020

Time Tongue-tied or short of breath, don't even try Try a little harder Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must must be strong Ooh, b


Block Party

BySlingshot Nov 19, 2020

***POSTING ON BEHALF OF SWEATER SET*** 30 brave men dug their cold weather gear out of storage for a below 30 degree workout and signed up for

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Is that Tony Hawk?

BySlingshot Nov 12, 2020

11 PAX ignored the forecast by Brad Panovich and decided to brave the rain and advertisement that YHC had the Q today.  6:00 hit, disclaimers we

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Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.

ByBeetlejuice Oct 23, 2020

17 Pax at Hydra. Burps. Merks. Russians. Squats. LBCs. Backward Runs. Peter Parkers (thx Deep Dish). Closed with AC/DC's Thunderstruck + 33 bu

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Edward Brickyhands

BySprockets Oct 16, 2020

17 lab rats unknowingly signed up for an experimental workout involving 45 minutes of partner workout... not with another pax, but with 2 bricks

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Dang….Queen did this last week???

ByHopper Aug 15, 2020

27 pax showed up on a morning so humid it felt like we were wrapped in our grandmother's afghan blankets from the start.  BRUTAL!  The site Qs


Crazy Little Thing Called Merkins

ByPuddin Pop Aug 6, 2020

**Posted on behalf of Queen** 21 Pax gathered on a lovely, but humid morning to tackle the beast known as Hydra. I promised several that we woul

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Meat and Taters at Hydra

ByGeraldo Jul 31, 2020

21 PAX ignored the #Fartsack and made there way to the premier Area 51 Thursday and chattiest boot camp and here's what went down. COP

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Promise kept

ByCheese Curd Jun 25, 2020

After last week's mileage-fest, YHC made a promise to keep the miles down.  A group of 22 strong eventually rolled in (even though it was sprink

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