Horsey Preblast: Word to your Mutha

ByHairball Jun 26, 2016

Rumblings of the Mutha closing has the regions in a panic and everyone doing Ballz' marketing while he kicks back sippin' on a Leinenkugel grape

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4 – 0

ByDisney Jun 23, 2016

This past weekend, the US Men's Soccer Team had to convince themselves that Messi was not that good.  Ummm, right.  Likewise, I must stand tal


To yucca, or not to yucca

ByKirk Jun 20, 2016

Pretty awesome morning, weather-wise, greeted the record 18 of us at the greenway parking lot.  What was intended to be a brief explanation of t


Yucca repeats plus a twist

ByKirk Jun 19, 2016

Tiger Rag made me promise no exercises, and something about not doing something else that I didn't quite understand. Anyway, here's the plan for

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A Tale of Two Tails

ByTiger-Rag Jun 13, 2016

For the 14 who posted: It was only the worst of times.  No best of times to be found. Tail 1:  the smug doe who doesn't even have the courtesy


Frere Jacques Strap

ByTiger-Rag Jun 11, 2016

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines! Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong. Join

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Climb Mt. CLT to see Chester

ByStone Cold Jun 6, 2016

14 showed up on a muggy Monday morning at 0515 to get after those hills we affectionately call Horsey McHorseArse. I believe the weather app had


Yucca Repeats

ByTiger-Rag May 30, 2016

Three went the full Horsey at 0515; five more opted for the 3/4 Horsey at 0530.  Take a tour of the long track (including the spur to the Yucca)


Close Encounter

ByTiger-Rag May 23, 2016

Fifteen benchmarked their hill readiness under the double full moons at this morning's Blue Ridge Prelay.  The reputed home of the CLT Running


Saddle Up

ByTiger-Rag May 20, 2016

Charlotte Running Co calls it Mount Charlotte (Charlotte could not be reached for comment) and, as the legend goes, uses it to train for BRR hill

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