The Triple Lindy

ByAlf Jul 17, 2017

15 or so men showed up in the pitch black parking deck at Horsey.  Some had read the pre-blast and showed up anyway.  Some didn't.  It didn't


The Triple Lindy – Horsey Style

ByAlf Jul 16, 2017

After a few weeks of shenanigans at Horsey, its time to get back to some meat and 'taters style running up and down hills.  There will be no san


Mutiny on the McHorseArse

ByBratwurst Jul 15, 2017

21 PAX made a decision to post at the Horsey McHorseArse on Monday to challenge themselves for whatever the Q had in store some hills.  

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It Was All A Dream…

ByThin Slice Jun 26, 2017

Ahh, Horsey Mc F*ck Face, the AO only a mother could love.  After selecting the perfect outfit for the occasion, at 5:15, on a downright chilly


Speed For NeighD Visits HoMcHoA

ByJRR Tolkien Jun 20, 2017

YHC understands, the only requirement to Q Horsey is to write a inappropriate sick backblast. Ok cool. SUMMARY 16 Stallions, only one of


The mystery of Sasquatch remains Unsolved

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 5, 2017

Clock hits 5:15 and the rain is coming down on the toughest course in Charlotte so naturally only the toughest 15 hombres show up for the first i


Pre-Blast – The Return of Horsey-McHorseArse

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 2, 2017

Time to  Giddy Up.    5:15am start on Monday in the gravel lot entrance to McAlpine off Sardis (south of Charlotte Christian Academy).  Optio


HorseyMcClockArse: The Return of the Arse

BySundancer Mar 27, 2017

6, call it 7 badasses from Metro, 51, and Union got together for some hill-based "fun." Let's get the usual business out of the way - Yes, the t

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HorseyMcClockArse: Open For Business

BySundancer Mar 26, 2017

Racing season is here and Smokey Mountain Relay is in one month* Like my man Kirk once told me, "Hills are speed in disguise, and Sundancer you