Spooky Jon vs Chester at Horsey McHorse Arse

ByChelms aka Tatertot Apr 11, 2018

Horsey McHorse Arse is getting a face lift (and upgrade) as Spooky John has agreed to be the site Q this year.   13 weeks of misery with tentat


Beating a Horse Dead

ByIckey Shuffle Aug 28, 2017

It was the Run Before the Sun, the Brawl to Decide it All, The War to Settle the Score, The Thrills in Sardis Hills, The Hell on Old Bell, The So


Horsey Preblast: Don’t Tell PETA

ByIckey Shuffle Aug 27, 2017

Just one more.  One more Monday of this buffoonery then we can get back to making Mondays great again.  Seriously, after tomorrow start going t

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Horsey Pre-Preblast: The Eight Belles Ladder Match

ByIckey Shuffle Aug 25, 2017

Alright everyone gather round, take a knee, and listen up.  Monday morning concludes the horribly named running workout in Sardis Hills for 2017


Horsey is Almost Over

ByRachel Aug 21, 2017

14 Pax came for the penultimate edition of this year's Horsey McHorse Arse. Between the hills, the heat, and the stench, YHC hopes everyone got s

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Alpha Stallion

ByChelms aka Tatertot Aug 14, 2017

Chugging up some god awful hill during the Cuda run Chelms casually asks if I can Q Horsey Monday.  Uh, sure, but shouldn’t somebody lead Hors


The Triple Lindy

ByAlf Jul 17, 2017

15 or so men showed up in the pitch black parking deck at Horsey.  Some had read the pre-blast and showed up anyway.  Some didn't.  It didn't


The Triple Lindy – Horsey Style

ByAlf Jul 16, 2017

After a few weeks of shenanigans at Horsey, its time to get back to some meat and 'taters style running up and down hills.  There will be no san


Mutiny on the McHorseArse

ByBratwurst Jul 15, 2017

21 PAX made a decision to post at the Horsey McHorseArse on Monday to challenge themselves for whatever the Q had in store some hills.  

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