Banjo and his Gout

ByBottlecap Jan 16, 2021

7 PAX showed up for the reemergence of Banjo's gout.  After a quick disclaimer and deep dive of what causes gout flare-ups, we decided that Banj

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“Uh oh. The site’s Blue Screened”

ByPosse Jan 10, 2021

Station 1 – Mosey around the school to the teachers parking lot  20 sides straddle hops   10 Potato pickers   Runners stretch 

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Unnamed Pax in Raleigh: “Meat Smoker is a bit of an inappropriate name…” Waxhaw Pax: “Welcome Meat Smoker!”

ByZinfandel Jan 2, 2021

Posse suckered me into filling in as Site Q at Homecoming while he jumped on this new Clean Slate site. Little did I know it would be a hard star

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Birthday Celebration Using Numbers 4 and 9

ByPremature Dec 27, 2020

The Planning Well today was an great start to Q in 19 degree temperature and to celebrate my 49th birthday! Today officially started the one y

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You’re Inviting Me to Homecoming??

ByRockwell Dec 12, 2020

When Posse asked me to Homecoming it felt a bit awkward.  A suit, a tux, an evening gown…  Ohhh, you mean the workout site!  I was a first t

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3 X 1000

ByWrigley Dec 5, 2020

DICCS given. The plan is to run 3 miles while executing 1000 exercise reps.  I stole borrowed this from Fuse Box from Blackhawk in April some

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Rain doesn’t stop us

ByChatterbox Nov 29, 2020

The rain was not much this morning, but was enough to make me throw away my cheat sheet for todays 1hr workout. All the roads to the high school

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Saturday Sun and Run

ByRicky Bobby Nov 12, 2020

7 Pax plus the Q showed up for a beautiful Saturday morning. Posse had been hitting me up for months, so I finally gave in to the pressure. We ha

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