Hawks Nest

“We will learn to use our voices with authority!”

ByHops May 22, 2018

Still waiting on the Hawk's Nest shovel flag....clowncar'd it with Lewinsky & Leprechaun, arrived on time which was nice.  21 pax, including



ByTransporter May 15, 2018

Doc texts me,,,, " looking forward to your q tomorrow," ohh yea,  completely forgot,  thank you for the reminder Doc!  Show up early and pla



ByBusch May 8, 2018

Well, what can I say other than it was my honor to lead such fine men...as always is the case in the South!  The workout got off to a slow start

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Audibles are not all created equal

ByChampagne May 1, 2018

Large Group this am – must have been the mention of a form clinic that brought them out. Solid 29 Pax strong – biggest showing so far at H


Three’s A Crowd

ByMarge Apr 24, 2018

3 pax enjoyed a soggy trip around Charlotte Latin on a rainy morning.  Site Q's were nowhere to be found. Started off with just two pax (YHC

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Back in the Game

ByMermaid Apr 10, 2018

14 men arrived by 0530 for the designated start time.  Hops pulled in just in time for a few to sign waivers, so disclaimer was given next to hi


Hop-along Cassidy. Bow and arrow. Very Weird.

ByGummy Apr 3, 2018

Eleven men gathered in a luxurious parking lot on the campus of Charlotte Latin this morning. The boys from Skunkworks made the long drive over f

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This will get easier during football season

ByAlf Mar 27, 2018

15 PAX posted at the new Hawk's Nest workout.  The AO, is huge, well lit, and filled with a maze of outdoor, covered walkways.   Only having wo


We have liftoff.

ByHops Mar 14, 2018

YHC arrived early...early enough to see the FT pax mustering for their first launch from Latin....and before Mr. Brady who came in on two wheels,


Hawk’s Nest – new Area 51 boot camp – launches Tuesday, March 13th

ByHops Mar 9, 2018

What: Hawk’s Nest – Launch When: 0530 Tuesday March 13, 2018 Where: Charlotte Latin School (enter gate off Raintree Lane) Who: Area

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