Hawks Nest

Who Doesn’t Want to Wear the Ribbon?!

ByClover Oct 13, 2020

I thought I would start with a pictorial representation of today's Falcon Crest:

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Something to Keep me in Good Standings

ByLorax Sep 29, 2020

YHC rolled up early to Hawk's Nest on a pretty humid late September day, quickly joined by Snowflake and Sable.  Thunder Road wasn't far behind,

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VQ Perched at Hawks Nest

ByHopper Sep 11, 2020

Site Q Note: Not only did Amber VQ earlier this week, but he actually wrote a blackblast to go with it!  In the words of Deniece Williams....."L

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Keep giving away what you’ve found, men.

ByHops Sep 1, 2020

As has become the norm for Hawks Nest, a problematic (not really) number of pax mustered for the Tuesday morning downpainment in the Area51 gloom

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Build it and they will come …

ByCircuit City Aug 18, 2020

QIC: Circuit City Pax: Hooper (R), Queen, Spackler, Jet Fuel, Puddin Pop, Marge, Huddle House, Motorboat, Buc-ee’s, Mayday, Thunderoad, Gerald

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Hey Sprockets…where are you going??

ByCheese Curd Jul 28, 2020

An even 20 for this weeks addition of Hawks Nest (remote edition).  After 12 days being out of touch in the woods of northern WI, I emerged more

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Give me my donut….now!

ByHops Jun 23, 2020

Taking the liberty of posting a backblast;  Slingshot laid down a solid Q, and if he lays down a solid backblast as well, then there will be one

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What’s a CCV??

ByCottonmouth May 26, 2020

HawksNest at Dunkin COP Side straddle hop x20 Arm circle Low Slow Squat Merkin IW The Thang Mosey to Wesley Church Get a lifting rock

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ByHops May 19, 2020

Yesterday, I was jokingly bellyaching to Haze & Hopper about the potential for rain today.  Haze defiantly stated the rain was "NO FACTOR".

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0530. Area51 getting back on track. Fear not.

ByHops May 12, 2020

A lucky 13 mustered for the "re-opening" of Hawks Nest, albeit at a temporary location (Dunkin Donuts at Colony Place).  Floorslapper was early.