Hawks Nest

Welcome to the Jungle

BySprockets Oct 9, 2019

When YHC got the last minute invite yesterday to SubstiQ for an injured Leprechaun, I immediately jumped to action, assuming he’d hurt himself

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Happy Hawktober

ByHops Oct 1, 2019

After a mediocre disclaimer, interrupted by Hannibal informing me it wasn't 0530 yet and further interrupted by Puddin' Pop's grammatical correc


Runhopper on Q!

ByHopper Aug 28, 2019

***Don't mistake the title above. I am not suggesting I am a runner, but rather it is an extremely cute play on words of combining mine and Run

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The FNG Who (Almost) Would Not Be Named

ByThin Mint Aug 22, 2019

Thang Mosey in a quick circle by the track, down the hill, up the hill back to launch for COP: Seal Jacks, Low Slow Jump Squat, Lots of Low S



BySpackler Aug 13, 2019

15 (you know who you are) escaped the comfort of their cool and crisp homes for the warm, moist blanket known as Hawksnest. It was a special mo


There is no “BALL” in team!

ByHopper Jul 31, 2019

I pulled into Latin this morning about 5:20. Even though it was advertised Fast Twitch would converge with Swift this morning, there were 10is


All Star Game

ByPuddin Pop Jul 9, 2019

18 pax decided to workout the morning of the all star game. Does anyone still watch the all star game? Used to be cool before the inter-league


Little Soupy Out

ByChampagne Jul 6, 2019

15 Pax decided to get a little better a few days ahead of the 4th, and make sure they were in prop pool form. Disclaimer given and off we wen

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A Backblast on Tuesday

ByAlf Jun 25, 2019

Relatively low number today at the 'Nest. Maybe its the hot temps, or the family vacations. Or maybe its the Site Q's threat that I would run


It’s so freaking Humid

BySemi-Gloss Jun 19, 2019

Mosey to track COP IW Cad Merkins Cad MC Cad Partner work. Speed matters Partner race Winner 5 Merkins Loser 15 burpees