I’m making a face, but it’s not a Cow Face

BySwiss Miss Oct 26, 2016

Nine men of iron met in the ‘Nest to work out some of the kinks brought on by the Skunk and various other F3 sharpening activities. With disclo


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

ByHigh Tide Oct 19, 2016

9 pax showed up in pursuit of greater flexibility and active recovery.  All left with a greater "appreciation" for movie soundtracks, in additio


Making eagle

BySwiss Miss Oct 12, 2016

With Fall starting to show up for real with morning temperatures below 50, YHC is grateful for the indoor workout space that we have at Gumby, an

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Security breach by paparazzi

BySwiss Miss Oct 5, 2016

With Horse Head standing guard in the parking lot, YHC headed into the Scout Hut, followed soon by 12 other PAX looking to recover from some of t

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Gumby launches

BySwiss Miss Sep 28, 2016

With High Tide and his KB minion army serving as valet/usher in the parking lot, the adventure-seeking, injured, or just plain curious men of Are


Pre-blast: I’m Gumby, @#$% it!

ByHigh Tide Sep 27, 2016

(For the pax under age 40, the title is a reference to Eddie Murphy's Saturday Night Live portrayal of Gumby, that little green slab of clay, tha

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My legs don’t do that

BySwiss Miss Sep 7, 2016

With some adjustments to the lights and tunes, we converted the Troop 39 “Scout Hut” into the newest F3 AO.  Then started to get into some s

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Getting hip to Gumby

BySwiss Miss Aug 31, 2016

After stepping into the meat cooler that Troop 39’s Scout Hut had become, YHC set about disabling the AC so that we wouldn’t freeze solid whi

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