Oh look, a spider…

ByHigh Tide Jun 21, 2017

7 pax posted for the 2nd leg of YHC's triple-down Q parade, in the cool, dry confines of the Scout Hut, for a little stretching, balance-work, an

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Stretching out the Kinks

ByTweetsie Jun 15, 2017

9 weary PAX in need of rejuvenation showed up to the Scout Hut, ready to get their stretch on. I willing obliged.   Devo: Psalm 46:10

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Stretching the Dark Side

ByMadison May 31, 2017

Few AO's present a more intimidating opportunity to Q than Gumby.  To keep the mumble chatter to a minimum, you need a solid devotional, a tough

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ByBooyah May 25, 2017

Last time I was supposed to Q Gumby the m woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach virus so I showed up knowing a couple of guys would

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Gumby goes to Motown

BySwiss Miss May 17, 2017

After some struggle with the building alarm, YHC was able to get the lights on and tunes cued for another amazing edition of #F3Gumby. Start in

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It is only 5:29 am…I am Right on Time

ByPaper Jam May 10, 2017

Warming up with a pre-run before your Q could be a bit tricky especially when you arrive to the AO at 5:29 to see the relieved look on the face

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Loosenin’ up the hips

ByHigh Tide May 3, 2017

10 pax posted for their weekly stretching & mobility work and were "treated" to a playlist of Classical Movie Scores, as selected by the Sla

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Time to bring out the rope

BySwiss Miss Apr 26, 2017

It was nice to head out without getting rained on this morning.  Even if it was only to walk to the scout hut. Disclaimer given, we got started

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The Return of the Ninja

BySwiss Miss Apr 19, 2017

Hoping to save the good name of Gumby from the ravages illness and travel brought last week, YHC brought a new playlist and extra-stretchy weinke

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Jazzy yoga burpees

ByLois Apr 5, 2017

10 PAX took their dose of the #DRP and ventured out to Ye Olde Scout Hut for some figurative and literal stretching at Gumby. COLD OPEN: After

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