WOW! What a Weinke

ByPaper Jam Feb 22, 2018

7 PAX needed some flexibility and showed up to the Cub Scout Hut for the latest round of Gumby. Some pre-ran to warm up while others came in hot.

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Get in the mood

ByLois Feb 14, 2018

9 PAX decided to show up to the Scout Hut Love Shack this morning to reset and recover at Gumby. Admittedly, when YHC was informed he was Q th

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Tabata stretching

BySwiss Miss Feb 7, 2018

With no disclaimer given (#notaprofessional), YHC got going: Devo: And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall r

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Relighting the Antlers

BySwiss Miss Jan 31, 2018

Like the quadrennial lighting of the Olympic flame, the relighting of the Antlers chandelier brought in 8 pax like stiff moths to a flame, eager

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Brew’s Gumby VQ

BySwiss Miss Jan 30, 2018

So a Gumby VQ which sort of feels like a VQ when YHC finds out 4 min prior to kick off that a devo is part of the Q...good thing YHC has that han

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Stretching with a Summer Breeze

ByTweetsie Jan 12, 2018

Days after the arctic cold left, 7 PAX came on down to the scout hut to participate in Gumby. Here's how it went:   Devotion: Luke

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A Balmy 72 degree workout in January

ByMadison Jan 4, 2018

Gumby was 7 strong this morning despite the 20-something temps outside.  When Swiss Miss opened the Eagle's Nest, Paper Jam an I were expecting


Old man stretching

ByStone Cold Dec 27, 2017

Five Guys showed up on a cold wintery morning to go in the Eagle's Nest where it was warm to do some old man Gumby stretching.  Most are pst run

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Better wives

BySwiss Miss Dec 13, 2017

On a crisp December morning, 9 PAX filed past the shovel flag and got setup in the Scout Hut for this week's edition of Gumby.  YHC had brought

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A Blue M&M with your Broga

ByPaper Jam Dec 6, 2017

8 men had their mid-week flexibility training at the Cub Scout Shack this morning in spite of being confused by the balmy 58 degree temperature.

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