Better wives

BySwiss Miss Dec 13, 2017

On a crisp December morning, 9 PAX filed past the shovel flag and got setup in the Scout Hut for this week's edition of Gumby.  YHC had brought

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A Blue M&M with your Broga

ByPaper Jam Dec 6, 2017

8 men had their mid-week flexibility training at the Cub Scout Shack this morning in spite of being confused by the balmy 58 degree temperature.

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Where’s the music?

ByLois Nov 29, 2017

Nine PAX, including a visitor from The Promised Land (or at least the land where YHC spent 4.5 quality years getting edumacated), gathered in the

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The Hips Don’t Lie

ByTweetsie Nov 18, 2017

On a cold, blustery morning, 7 PAX entered the warm and toasty scout hut to recover from the week's beatdown. Here's how it went down:  

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Stealth Merkins

ByHigh Tide Nov 1, 2017

On this All Saint's Day, 9 pax shook off the sugar coma from last evening and gathered to stretch out the stretchy parts and lengthen the shorten


Stretching the body in ways it does not stretch

BySony Oct 25, 2017

After the gumby one year anniversary, Swiss Miss asked YHC if he would Q at Gumby in a month. How hard could it be? But YHC found himself spendin


Lizards & Pigeons & Anchors, Oh My!

ByMadison Oct 19, 2017

Gumby is one of those AOs that everyone seems to know exists but know very little about. The thing is, it's an AO that everyone needs. I found th

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Stretchy, but deadly

ByLois Oct 11, 2017

7 PAX made the smart move to stretch themselves mentally and physically at Gumby this morning. Given the recent change in weather, I'd like to po

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BySwiss Miss Sep 27, 2017

Gumby turned 1 today, so to help celebrate, the founding site Qs and current site Qs teamed up for a triple dose of what makes Gumby awesome: bre

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The long, stretchy road to recovery

ByLois Sep 13, 2017

Gumby is refreshing in that it is the antithesis of a typical F3 sufferfest — but when one is coming off his inaugural Blue Ridge Relay experie