All aboard…F3 Waxhaw is officially up and running!!

ByZinfandel Aug 7, 2019

Usually, when a group separates to form it's own group, that's a sign of trouble. But F3 doesn't operate that way. We celebrate when others lead.

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Not a “Copy”, But an “Original”!

Byxerox Aug 5, 2019

With the attempt to not give you guys the same old workout, I was looking to change things up a bit. My original plan was to break out the logs

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Sprucing up the Den

ByPosse Aug 4, 2019

At least 23 (probably more) Pax participated in a #CNAUI (Completely Necessary and Utterly Important) by heading to Waxhaw Elementary for some m

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Trix Are For Kids

ByFuse Box Jul 29, 2019

I like to mix things up and add in new moves from time to time (Trix?). The same ole same ole gets boring and its fun to keep the pax on their

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Grass, Grass and more Grass

Byolemacdonald Jul 22, 2019

Station workout in the grass and dew...sorry for anyone sensitive to grass. Warm up - Mosey down the sidewalk until we were next to the socce

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Exhaustion in Plain Sight

ByPosse Jul 17, 2019

Summer is my favorite time to Q; when I can run around buses without Diesel Death (from the bus; but your flatulence is just as deadly) or fear

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ByChastain Jul 13, 2019

7 high impact leaders and leaders in training skipped the fartsack, got up early on a Saturday, and posted at a pre-site-q-school-workout. No on

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ByDeadwood Jun 24, 2019

Coming in fresh from vacation I was feeling great! Basically after a week of recovery, with a few runs, and relaxation I was ready to get it thi

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Start Your Engines…..

ByMadDog Jun 17, 2019

19 Pax came out for a good beat down today at Flash. Seeing as I failed to write a backblast for the Nesbit 300, I figured I would fire up the

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Let’s Get It Started

ByWedding Singer Jun 4, 2019

25-ish men were greeted with an awesome 65 degree morning to get the week started. YHC was coming off of a really impressive single-post week,

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