There’s a reason they call them that

ByChastain Jan 11, 2021

First time Qing Flash (I know, right?) and I pulled into the parking lot to see it nearly of cars. Looks like everyone was eager to see what TWO

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Bear Crawls are Dumb

ByHollywood Dec 29, 2020

13 men came to have a good time.   been a couple of years since the Flash guys invited me to Q.....just sayin. Nobody cares. Thang: Run to

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60 degrees in mid-December! Let’s go!

ByRockwell Dec 14, 2020

This was a bit of a last-minute Q for me and with the threat of rain I pulled out a 2-year-old workout that would keep us mostly undercover.  Ye

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The Loaded D&D Die of Fun………

Byshakenbake Dec 7, 2020

Do work at home over the weekend(check) Work until 11:30 Sunday night(check) Realize at 11:45 after shower, I’m on Q the next morning

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Done-Finished-Completed-Accomplished-Over-In the Books!!

BySugar Daddy Nov 30, 2020

I always feel great when a workout is over!  The same was especially true today for my "VQ."   It is nice having it " in the books." I wanted

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Monday, Monday

ByCarb Load Nov 24, 2020

Was feeling good this morning around 5:16 when YHC arrived to COT before Flash. The Ignition crowd led by Gerber heading down the Yellow Brick Ro

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You can Count on Me!!! 1-800-QSchool

ByRecalculating Nov 16, 2020

Game time temps were perfect 44 AND ticket sales were pointing to a sold out Cutty Stadium.  So my pregame weinke had me going with some lifting

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