Fight Club


ByWildTurkey Jul 2, 2018 We set up the Elon Park Elementary school parking lot with kettlebell stations on one side of the

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ByTransporter Jun 15, 2018

The plan was simple,  quick warm up then into six stations mixing in running every three stations.  90 Seconds each push to 7's best you could

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Bang! Boom! Pow!

ByWildTurkey May 21, 2018

The AO at FIGHT CLUB / fox hole is loud and smelly. Kettlebells clang on the pavement, punches slam into leather mitts, pax groan and grunt throu

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Greatest HIITs

ByWildTurkey May 14, 2018 Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to rumble! Fight Club is back. Same location, new day. Fight Club now shares real e

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You Got To Know When To Hold Em – Know When To Fold Em

BySpeedbag Aug 25, 2017

11 PAX made it out for Friday's Fight Club for some unorthodox training.  This Q decided to have a little fun with a deck of cards, making sure

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Tag Team

ByWildTurkey Aug 18, 2017

Fight Club, typically a boxing workout, switched things up this week. We traded jabs and hooks for takedowns and pins. YHC was the only person w

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Drillz 4 Skillz

ByWildTurkey Jul 21, 2017

5 men and a 2.0 gathered in the ring that is Elon Park Elemantary School. Big lap around the school. COP, all in-cadence Side straddle hops

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18 fists

ByWildTurkey Jun 16, 2017

Nine warriors came to party at F3's only exclusive boxing training AO. With several new-to-boxing PAX, we focused on the basics. Short warm-up l

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Fight Club – Round 4

ByWildTurkey Jun 2, 2017

It was another picture perfect day for F3's only Boxing-exclusing AO - Fight Club. Stations: P1 – Run P2 – Kettlebell P3&4 Gloves/pads

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