Fast Twitch

A Few Hills and a Whole Lotta Sweat

ByRachel Oct 10, 2017

14 Pax for today's hilly, and unseasonably hot and humid version of Fast Twitch. The Thang Mosey from the launch over to Raintree. Continue

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Two Fiddy

ByTurkey Leg Oct 8, 2017

Despite the well-publicized warning of hill repeats, a healthy quorum of 18 pax still enjoyed a hillful morning... The Thang: After a stiff

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That’s a Peach hon. Oh golly I’m hot today.

ByGummy Sep 26, 2017

25 men gathered in a middle school parking lot at 5:15. I got a little heat for rolling in at 5:12 and walking right into the middle of a full ci

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That time we did burpees after running up a hill

ByAlf Sep 19, 2017

15 men posted at Fast Twitch this morning (See Haze - I listed the workout).  They all did this despite my promise of awesomness at the workout.


Is that bathroom really unlocked ?

ByOne Eye Sep 6, 2017

12 studs gathered at SCMS for this weeks installment of Fast Twitch.  Here's what we did: Mosey out of the parking lot and down 51 to Davie

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More Raintree Fun

ByRachel Aug 29, 2017

Twenty gathered this cool and unexpectedly misty morning at SCMS for another edition of Fast Twitch.  With BRR still far enough out, YHC d


“It’s a shortcut…”

ByFault Line Aug 22, 2017

Following an epic Solar Eclipse, 22 motivated PAX took it upon themselves to improve their fitness/cardio by embarking on yet another Fast Twitch


Better Late than Never

ByIronsides Aug 21, 2017

Cobains for the delayed backblast, I left for the beach shortly after FT and chasing the 2.0 around the beach left little time for writing. As

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AYG to CLT Catholic and back

ByAlf Aug 8, 2017

23 men gathered in the gloom for a "lazy Q" per Semi Gloss - who admittedly through down about 10 merkins last week to spice up his AYG horseshoe


Lost Shoes, Lost Benny, Pop Tart had to poo.

ByRachel Aug 1, 2017

19 ish pax came for a very mild temperature run through a quasi new area of Raintree. Here is what was accomplished. Run down 51 into Raint

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