Fast Twitch

Bait and Switch at Fast Twitch

ByTurkey Leg Sep 3, 2013

YHC pulled into the lot at 5:05 to see a bunch of cars awaiting this morning’s Fast Twitch beatdown.  Looked to be a big turnout until a close

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Area 51 Speed Showdown

ByTurkey Leg Aug 23, 2013

The time has come for us to finally put to rest who really brings the most speed to the table in Area 51: Fast Twitch or Bagpipe (others can part

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Futbol Training – Stanford Style

ByJoker Aug 20, 2013

18 men gathered in the gloom to move their feet as fast as possible.  Today's workout was inspired by the Stanford University men's soccer team.

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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of _______.

ByPurple Haze Aug 13, 2013

Fill in the blank. The air was thick when 17 brave men set off into the gloom for another encounter with #F3FastTwitch. We ran and did some ot

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Run to the Hills

ByTurkey Leg Aug 6, 2013

As the rain started to fall, 16 brave men came out for the early workout to give those legs a test on some of Rain Tree's finest slopes. The Tha

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Fast Twitch Preblast

ByTurkey Leg Aug 5, 2013

#FastTwitch will launch Tuesday morning at 0515 from South Charlotte Middle.  The Area51 BRR team is in full training mode now, so be ready for

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A Farewell, FastTwitch…

BySprague Jul 31, 2013

14 brave souls emerged from the gloom on Tuesday morning to kick the beast in the teeth at Fast Twitch. The Thang: Run to field for COP consist

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Pyramid [Almost]

ByJoker Jul 23, 2013

Ten men gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for that little workout call Fast Twitch. The Thang On the track... 3/4 mile warm up IW X 2

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Catch Me If You Can

ByTurkey Leg Jul 9, 2013

17 Men of Fast Twitch headed out into the gloom for some early morning track and field... The Thang: Warm-up with moderate half mile around t

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Fast Twitch Preblast

ByTurkey Leg Jul 8, 2013

Fast Twitch Launching at 5:15am at South Charlotte Middle.  Mostly track and field work this week, working on interval runs to build up speed,

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