Dromedary WAMRAP #2

ByGoodfella Nov 7, 2018

The 2nd installment of the first Wednesday of the Month AMRAP/WAMRAP (McGee will be paid royalties for the name!) took place today on a perfect 5

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ByTransporter Oct 18, 2018

I pull up, first Car I see is Shop,  cool,  then I park and see Snowflake,  cool,  Dasher, Frack, Bratwurst, Cool.   It was like we got th

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User Error…Tabata-style! And a new workout tool!

ByGoodfella Oct 10, 2018

10 Brave Men showed up for a workout even though the weather was not looking good.  With the heavy rains expected today, and the fact that it wa

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WAMRAP comes to Dromedary

ByGoodfella Oct 3, 2018

AMRAP's have meant a lot to the WUC crew over the past year on Friday's at Impromptu, and to YHC as well. It's a great way to push ourselves and

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Touring the Ridge

ByHollywood Sep 26, 2018

21 PAX joined YHC and decided to brave the perfect morning weather for a little tour of the school grounds. Warmup:  Disclaimer provided.

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Beautiful morning for a nice mix of lifting, running, and a little lagniappe mixed in for good measure

ByBoucher Sep 19, 2018

Lagniappe - a Cajun creole term that essentially means a little something extra, which was the theme for the day.  After disclaiming the Pax (19

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Bermuda Triangle Comes to the UC

ByTuck Sep 7, 2018

24 men posted at Dromedary and were greeted with stifling humidity and coupons! Thang COP: SSH x 25 IC IW x 25 IC LSS holding pa

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The Suicide Squad

ByDelta Aug 29, 2018

19 PAX gathered at Dromedary for Delta's version of Suicide Squad combined with Serpentine of Doom.  Delta's recent body fat measurement came in

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90’s Rock Party

ByFuseBox Aug 15, 2018

24 pax came out to partake in a 90's rock party.  The music was good, but the rocks sucked. This was my first time Q'ing Dromedary and only m

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Q Juice!

ByGoodfella Aug 8, 2018

POSTED ON BEHALF OF ROCKWELL: 26 great men gathered this morning at Dromedary for a campus tour.  Bottle Cap pointed out that I had some “Q

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