Dark Places

ByCarb Load Oct 14, 2020

Nice, cool morning for a workout. Fifty-something degrees and remained that way until the end. 25 PX joined YHC for what turned out to be a dark

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Irkins or Derkins? Whats the difference?

ByTonyatine Oct 7, 2020

Time is running short, so forgive me for the quick BB, but at least it'll get done.. I had mutiple pax threaten ask to please limit the amount o

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Some Throwback Dromedary Moves

BySoft Pretzel Sep 23, 2020

14 men gathered in the gloom at MRHS, where the buses remain parked... but maybe not for long???  Sorry, YHC is obsessed with school opening as

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Graduation Day!!

ByTransporter Sep 17, 2020

To be honest it was the longest 11 weeks of my life and a very tough 2.5 years.  But Qing this site on this day was pure joy.  I'll come back t

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Chicken On The Loose In Marvin

ByChicken Little Sep 9, 2020

DICCS GIVEN- Cell phone, CPR, Do not sue anyone, social distance where applicable, modify as needed Warm up Fast pace mosey from COT to lon

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Pavlov’s Burpee

ByChastain Sep 2, 2020

A month ago I had never been to Dromedary before and today I'm the Q. Two years of F3 and it's time to be new and start posting/Qing sites I've n

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Not to fifty!

ByGerber Aug 27, 2020

That wasn’t the planned “theme” of today’s workout.  However, after I realized we were finishing another set of exercise (burpees) e

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