Beautiful morning for a nice mix of lifting, running, and a little lagniappe mixed in for good measure

ByBoucher Sep 19, 2018

Lagniappe - a Cajun creole term that essentially means a little something extra, which was the theme for the day.  After disclaiming the Pax (19

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Bermuda Triangle Comes to the UC

ByTuck Sep 7, 2018

24 men posted at Dromedary and were greeted with stifling humidity and coupons! Thang COP: SSH x 25 IC IW x 25 IC LSS holding pa

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The Suicide Squad

ByDelta Aug 29, 2018

19 PAX gathered at Dromedary for Delta's version of Suicide Squad combined with Serpentine of Doom.  Delta's recent body fat measurement came in

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90’s Rock Party

ByFuseBox Aug 15, 2018

24 pax came out to partake in a 90's rock party.  The music was good, but the rocks sucked. This was my first time Q'ing Dromedary and only m

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Q Juice!

ByGoodfella Aug 8, 2018

POSTED ON BEHALF OF ROCKWELL: 26 great men gathered this morning at Dromedary for a campus tour.  Bottle Cap pointed out that I had some “Q

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Long-Distance 7’s for Everyone!

ByGoodfella Aug 3, 2018

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER...SORRY FOR THE DELAY, FELLAS. ENJOY!   The rain held off for the 16 Pax that showed at Dromedary at Marvin Rid

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Chesticle day at Dromedary

ByDoc McStuffins Jul 11, 2018

24 PAX including two 2.0s (Iron and Ore) posted at Dromedary this morning, as usual I didn’t have a plan, but new that wanted to go hard on the

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In Honor of our Fallen Heroes of the Carolinas

ByDelta Jul 4, 2018

For our Dromedary July 4th Celebration we performed themed work out.  25 PAX showed up; although 2 were an hour early, worked out on their own a

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Dropping a Deuce

ByDasBoot Jun 14, 2018

With more than 6 billion people in the world and a solid 600 years of recorded history (plus much more spotty history on hand), there is so much

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The Waffle Iron or Cindy Lauper’s 80’s Hair

ByDelta Jun 6, 2018

Who said that the Dromedary crew weren't runners because today they were. Warm Up - run one lap around the large parking lot then 49 side shut

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