Donut Run

Stolen car keys beat stolen car

ByKirk Mar 15, 2017

Click bait title? Check. True? It would pass the Snopes test. What was intended, in jest, to be a first person narrated BB provided from the po


Run Donut Run

ByBushwood Mar 14, 2017

Tomorrow you will have the amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to run 6 miles and then eat donuts. It may never happen again. Seize this oppo

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Horns, Owls, Yelling, and Donuts (of course!)

ByBushwood Mar 8, 2017

15 came and conquered the course, or at least some of the course. Kirk and his FNG (Gridlock) opted for the 5 mile route, and Icky MAF'ed all up

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Donut or Doughnut?

ByBushwood Mar 7, 2017

I mean, does it really matter? They both refer to goodness and sweetness in perfect combination. This week, we will run the REVERSE route: Rea/C

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5:13 is the new 5:15

ByHorsehead Mar 1, 2017

Donut Run - 6 miles of a painful hilly loop followed by competitive eating, hairy guys in flesh covered towels, and sweaty butt stains in the fre


Donut Run* – Preblast

ByBushwood Feb 28, 2017

*Best Wednesday workout that has donuts Tomorrow, we are running the REVERSE route: Rea/Candlewyck/Providence/51/Rea. All right turns. We launc

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Donut(s) Run(s)

ByBushwood Feb 22, 2017

A solid dozen donuts runners slashed their way through the course. Some legitimate #highfives were exchanged with the Death Valley crew as they


Donut Run – Preblast

ByBushwood Feb 21, 2017

"Per capita, Canada has more donut shops than any other country." This is unacceptable. I love Canadians, but I love donuts more. Tomorrow we wi

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Donuts with a side of Chocolate Milk

ByBushwood Feb 15, 2017

11 came for running and donuts. Horsehead was disappointed that the reverse route we ran did not mean we eat the donuts first and then run. Maybe

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Donut Run

ByBushwood Feb 14, 2017

Valentine's Donuts will be half off. Meet at Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Rea and Colony. We are running the REVERSE route: Rea-Candlewyck-

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