Donut Run

Pre-blast – Donut Run – NoDo Route

ByVoodoo Jul 25, 2017

Bushwood gave YHC the keys to the Donut Run this week while he visits the surface of the sun (a/k/a, Houston). I immediately cracked under the pr


Visions of Donut Run

ByBushwood Jul 19, 2017

9 guys ran the route while 1 was snuggled in bed and here is what "happened": Fletch and Fraiser ran the Long John North Route. Fletch made a


Donut Run Shenanigans

ByBushwood Jul 14, 2017

13 ran for Donuts. It was hot and the route was terrible. Next week we will run that north route in reverse. Get prepared. Gummy showed up aft

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Those who Donut

ByBushwood Jun 28, 2017

Today, we had 14 brocefs who ran the north course. Hairball and Bunker opted for the Bow Tie Donut course of 9 miles. Today's group was ambitious

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NoDo Run

ByBushwood Jun 27, 2017

We going North Donut route tomorrow morning. Here is a map. Turns: -Run down Rea (just like you are running the Reverse route) -Left onto Provid

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Soggy Donuts

ByBushwood Jun 21, 2017

The Donuts were not soggy but the Donut Run miles were soggy. 6 ran this morning (5 on the North course and 1 on the Jello course). Some highli


NEW ROUTE: North Donut Run

ByBushwood Jun 20, 2017

NEW ROUTE: Click here for a map. I thought it would be good to introduce the North Donut Run. We will do this route primarily during BRR trainin

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Anapestic Meter

ByKirk Jun 7, 2017

There once was a young Bushwood who dreams of a girl from his boyhood what a beautiful lass with a memorable remembered well into adulthood


Donut Run Haiku

BySemi-Gloss May 31, 2017

Donut run was long Swampy Hot day upon us I did backblast yay! No one wanted the backblast so here you go. Many different routes and miles. Sw


Semi Bag of Donuts

BySemi-Gloss May 17, 2017

10 men arrived in a parking lot...they ran whatever route they wanted...they drank coffee. <iframe src="