Donut Run

An Intervention of Agony

ByBushwood Sep 14, 2017

Agony, Bro, we need to talk. We are all concerned with how far you have fallen. Most of us think you are actually a homeless person (Are you a


Donut Run Tapers

ByBushwood Sep 5, 2017

This week, we will run the reverse southern route (6 miles): Rea (towards Old Providence Elementary) R. on Candlewyck R. on Providence R. o

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An Incident at The Donut Run

ByBushwood Sep 1, 2017

It happens to most of us, if not all of us. Always when we least expect and we don't know why. It is frustrating and hard to understand how somet


Donut Run Options

ByBushwood Aug 29, 2017

BRR is 1 week, 3 days away. It's time to get serious about training. Clearly, this means eating more donuts #carboload. Tomorrow, we will be

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My first donut

ByBaracus Aug 23, 2017

How exciting!  My first Donut Run Q...whatever that means.  Actually I'm not even sure if I can take credit for that despite the fact I got stu


Donut Run Math

ByBushwood Aug 16, 2017

16 did a run for Donuts and here is what we did: Ran. Moleskin #mathrules 6.7% of the group did Merkins and LBCs 40% of the group le


Preblast – Donut Run goes back to its roots

ByBushwood Aug 8, 2017

Tomorrow, Donut Run will go the REVERSE Southern route: Rea (towards Old Providence Elem.) R. on Candlewyck R. on Providence R. on 51 R. o

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Donut Run, The North Remembers

ByGeraldo Aug 3, 2017

16 PAX showed up for miles and some even picked up donuts. Bushwood is Down Range and desperate for a Q this week and reached out to YHC to lead


Pre-blast Donut Run- Reverse NoDo Route

ByGeraldo Aug 1, 2017

Bushwood is Down Range and apparently desperate for a Q so YHC has the lead this week.  We'll head to the North again, this time the Reverse Rou

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The Running of the Donuts

ByVoodoo Jul 26, 2017

15 pax assembled at Dunkin' Donuts in the humid dawn MAD was first to leave at 5, slow and steady 10 minutes later, YHC, Early Bird, Gerald