Donut Run

Catch me if you can

ByJello Aug 8, 2018

A few weeks ago, Bushwood posted about needing Qs for Donut Run and I was glad to send over my credentials, “Slowest guy there”. But, I still

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Worst. Day. Ever.

ByBushwood Jul 25, 2018

I'll tell you why. #1. Alf is the nantan. I thought after some backroom wheelin' and dealin' that I had stymied his campaign to be nantan. But


Donuts: It’s a love/hate kind of relationship. Oh, and Liquor.

ByBushwood Apr 13, 2018

Don't get me wrong, I love Donuts. Show me a man who doesn't love donuts and I will show you a man who is failing at life. However, sometimes the


Donut Run is Back and so are the BBs!

ByBushwood Jan 20, 2018

I know, I know, you missed this. The weekly writing of the Donut Run BB that everyone has come to love. We took the holidays off but now we are b

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Donut Run Musings

ByBushwood Oct 26, 2017

We ran 6.5 miles and 7 out of the 12 stayed for donuts/2ndF! Musings: 8 Things I am learning right now: 1. Always pursue your M. Don't s


Runny donuts

ByUdder Oct 11, 2017

We came. We saw. We ran. It was humid. We had 🍩🍩. That is all. Naked man Moleskin: It was nice to get out and see some new faces this mo

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Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles at Donut Run

ByBushwood Oct 4, 2017

I pulled into the lot promptly at 5:18. Everyone had already left and Semi was angry. Started yelling immediately about how he is not running the


Go as fast as you can for as long as you can…

ByBushwood Sep 20, 2017

...this is JRR Tolkein's marathon motto. He's shooting to BQ. I think he can do it. Just avoid weights until after the marathon (see below).


An Intervention of Agony

ByBushwood Sep 14, 2017

Agony, Bro, we need to talk. We are all concerned with how far you have fallen. Most of us think you are actually a homeless person (Are you a


Donut Run Tapers

ByBushwood Sep 5, 2017

This week, we will run the reverse southern route (6 miles): Rea (towards Old Providence Elementary) R. on Candlewyck R. on Providence R. o

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