Houston (and the Pax), we have a problem

ByJamboree Apr 4, 2016

On a brisk Monday morning, Fifteen strong pax started their week in the right way by celebrating the Heels playing in the 77th NCAA Championship

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Does Semi Gloss still do F3?

ByBushwood Mar 21, 2016

8 peeps rolled up to DMZ (yes, I'm including myself and my 132 yard run in). Agony put on 2 coats and 2 pairs of gloves and we were off. 20SSH w


Mountainbrook Bermuda Triangles

ByGerber Mar 7, 2016

18 PAX came out this morning almost giddy with excitement at the thought of venturing into Mountainbrook.  So much so there was an air of disapp


DMZ BB – Half Pipe work

BySwiper Feb 29, 2016

19 PAX came to DMZ where we ran and did partner work on the half pipes across S. CLT. The Thang: Elbows for 1 minute, waiting on Kirk (LIFO per


There are 9 driveways on the right ….

ByOne Eye Feb 22, 2016

The Thang: 16 Of south Charlotte's finest gathered on the balmy morning at DMZ for a full body beat down. Here's what we did: 5:30 am - COP for


The Fellowship of the #4#

ByBushwood Feb 15, 2016

Since all of A-51 converged on the murthaship slept in, the crowd was sparse. 4 badasses dudes showed up for 7-11s. Swiper HC'ed the night before


Bad ideas

ByKirk Feb 8, 2016

Preamble: Despite getting older and, hopefully, wiser, there are still decisions that are made ahead of time that are potentially bad ideas.  I


It’s never too warm for camo

ByFilm Festival Feb 1, 2016

Metro and South invaded the DMZ to see if the Brilliant Comrade (aka Great Leader) would show up this time. He did show up, and was appropriately


Iced Nickels

ByHairball Jan 25, 2016

10 men fought off the fog, confetti, and late night celebrating and rolled into Carmel Neighborhood Park for a quick start, at 0530 sharp. Here'

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