Carmel Rd. Park is Lookin Classy

ByGerber Jun 20, 2016

Cool temps and low humidity were on tap for this morning.  Despite the excellent weather only 8 pax decided to post this morning.  Are there th


SOFAWIB Preblast – The Vern

BySwiper Jun 13, 2016

We're stealing from our Metro brethren. Partner up. As usual, size/speed/Myers Briggs/dominant hand all matter. Run the HT mile. Take a minut


DMZ is 3

ByBushwood Jun 6, 2016

At 5:30am we did what we always do at DMZ. We run into the gloom for 45 minutes and laid it all out there. DMZ has been a fixture in my F3 life f


1 mile AYG x2

ByOne Eye May 23, 2016

The Thang: Mosey from Carmel Road Park to back of Carmel Middle School with 5 stops for 10x burpees; COP – SSHx10; IWx10; 1 mile run AYG

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Into The Great Wide Open

ByBushwood May 16, 2016

Sometimes Q'ing is fun but sometimes its a bit difficult. You are excited to Q but at the same time, you know what lies ahead so your excitement


Rustic – Leg day

ByKirk May 9, 2016

Beautiful morning welcomed 16 of us to Carmel Park. Clock struck 0530 as Orlando ran into the lot, and we were off. Thang Mosey through Churc

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Parts Unknown

ByAlf May 2, 2016

So Bushwood bamboozled me into Qing at DMZ. Somehow I agreed having only been to the AO once, like 2 years ago, on a convergence. Apparently 18


The Bootcamp Defined

ByBoutTime Apr 25, 2016

Knees. You can't do F3 without them...and some of us can barely do F3 with them. Am I right, Checkpoint? With YHC nursing some nagging knee pain,


DMZ BB – Random Q Day

ByHorn Apr 19, 2016

Bushwood must've needed some fresh legs at the DMZ for Q'g purposes post-RaceFest. I noticed quite a few of the pax ran the Half on Saturday (Bar

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A Few Hills

ByMcGee Apr 11, 2016

AYE. 15 of Metro and A51's finest gathered in the Gloom for the weekly DMZ smokefest - but, of course, not as smoky as Tha Motha. It's hard to re

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