Dog eat Dog at DMZ

BySnoop Aug 12, 2016

Sunday night; 11:15pm YHC checks his twitter feed before bed. Message from BushWood: "Snoop, you got the Q tomorrow at DMZ correct?" YHC respon

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I caught a cheater and his name is One Eye

ByBushwood Aug 3, 2016

....more on that in a minute... Run to Carmel Pres --SSH x 20 --Mountain Climbers x 20 Run to Valencia Terrace and Partner up --20 Partner Derk

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False Advertising

ByTiger-Rag Jul 25, 2016

Apparently, pet's heads are falling off across the world of architecture today and this engineer is under duress to tape them all back on.  So


Don’t Forget the Disclaimer

ByEgypt Jul 18, 2016

19 Pax were curious to see if we really would try to run a 16-mile roundtrip in 45 minutes, and instead kicked the teeth off the Gaywind Hill (he


Ding dong ditch

ByKirk Jul 11, 2016

Reading the title, I know what you're thinking, but no, oddly enough, this is not the Horsey McHorseArse backblast. However, this is how it was

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Hubble Telescope Spots a Disturbance

BySnowflake Jun 27, 2016

YHC got a call from NASA. Apparently the candles in my birthday cake set off an alarm on their telescope.... Meanwhile, in other news, 14 Pax sh


Carmel Rd. Park is Lookin Classy

ByGerber Jun 20, 2016

Cool temps and low humidity were on tap for this morning.  Despite the excellent weather only 8 pax decided to post this morning.  Are there th


SOFAWIB Preblast – The Vern

BySwiper Jun 13, 2016

We're stealing from our Metro brethren. Partner up. As usual, size/speed/Myers Briggs/dominant hand all matter. Run the HT mile. Take a minut


DMZ is 3

ByBushwood Jun 6, 2016

At 5:30am we did what we always do at DMZ. We run into the gloom for 45 minutes and laid it all out there. DMZ has been a fixture in my F3 life f


1 mile AYG x2

ByOne Eye May 23, 2016

The Thang: Mosey from Carmel Road Park to back of Carmel Middle School with 5 stops for 10x burpees; COP – SSHx10; IWx10; 1 mile run AYG

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