Do you have a better way to stay warm than to set your hair on fire?

ByAquafresh Oct 31, 2017

9 men succumbed to FOMO and entered the DMZ for a workout brought to you by Joe Weider and inspired by TR Merkins x 30 IC Mosey to C@C for

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Marijuana Dispensaries

ByBushwood Oct 23, 2017

1 braved the rain for a 3 mile pre-run. Immediately as Hamlet opened his door at 5:29, the rains stopped. The man controls the weather! Run do

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#Gladiator Monday at DMZ

ByMermaid Oct 16, 2017

Fairly certain One Eye asked YHC about 4 months ago to Q DMZ today.  Glad I checked the Q calendar because I completely forgot.  Had to wrestle

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A hit and run sort of a workout

ByAlf Sep 25, 2017

Pulled into the dark DMZ lot around 5:24.  One-Eye and Pothole still in their cars, looking like they were about to get out to get the day start


Just what the Dr ordered ….

ByOne Eye Aug 28, 2017

10 men and met up on a cool August morning and were promised minimal running. Workout began with a run to Pellyn Wood down to the bottom of the h


Winter Workout

ByOne Eye Aug 22, 2017

6 PAX gathered in 100% humidity to start their week right.   Here's what we did: COP - SSHx20 Mosey to intersection of Carmel & Cami

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12 for 13’s

ByHops Aug 7, 2017

Rolled into the DMZ launch lot to be welcomed by site Q One Eye who looked to have just done a pre-run...which he had as did Gangsta Mouse, Rock,

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It’s Getting Crowded In Here

ByAquafresh Jul 28, 2017

Nine pax chose to start their Monday in the DMZ, without regard for the consequences. Here's what happened: Circle up where you are, SSH x15 I

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Old School

ByAgony Jul 17, 2017

7 men arrived on time to #DMZ. The Thang: Warmup run to Carmel Prez Parking Lot Warmup: SSH, Squats, Mtn. Climbers Mosey to Benches

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ByKirk Jul 12, 2017

Charlotte, NC - MetroCharlotte, NC - South DMZ 2 Comments Substi-Q When: 07/10/17 QIC: Kirk The PAX: Backdraft, Agony, Aquafresh, Lovebug,

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