Set my Alarm Cock

ByBrutus Jul 28, 2020

Happy Friday Tuesday everyone. DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) – Centerfold late again Warm Up: SSH – 40 se

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Popping my VQ cherry at Diesel

ByTurnbuckle Jul 17, 2020

Happy Friday everyone!!! Four months later and I finally have this monkey off my back. I attended Q School led by Posse earlier this year and

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Never Quit!

ByChastain Jul 10, 2020

8 people showed up for Diesel The Thang Deck of cards exercises. Suit dictates the exercise and the number is the rep count Diamonds =

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What I learned from MASHing

ByPosse Jul 3, 2020

First back-to-back Q's ever for me. Looks like I got the sites mixed up because my boot camp at The Body Shop didn't make 1 mile, but Diesel goes

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ByChastain Jul 3, 2020

Just finished my breakfast so it's time for a backblast. Not gonna rush, but we'll see if I get this out before Posse manages to post his from la

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Outside their Southern Comfort Zone

ByMadDog Jun 20, 2020

8 Pax met up for a bit of boot camp with some distance today.  I am confident the majority of them weren’t prepared for distance, but all did

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Return of the Uncle

ByChastain Jun 19, 2020

Seems like everyone has 2 kinds of uncles that show up at the family reunions. You've got the favorite uncle that's fun and maybe helped you get

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Where’s the Site? I have to read?

ByBrutus Jun 12, 2020

Happy Friday everyone. Apparently, I am the only person that knew a wicked storm blew in last night. DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone,

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