Daytona 500 with Coupon

ByPremature Feb 19, 2021

The Warmup The Warmup started with Popeye recommending an audible moving Diesel to Cuthbertson. I said to Chicken, we can do that? He said you

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Stalled Diesel, the latest backblast ever

ByPopeye Feb 18, 2021

The usual Popeye beatdown, with typically insane lifts, making gazelles scream to be allowed to run. WARM-UP Mosey around the parking lot.¬

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No Q No Site-Q No problem

ByCenterfold Feb 15, 2021

You usually don't see a message at 5am that says "doesn't look like rain, can someone substi-Q for me?"  But Brutus probably fell asleep in his

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No running? No gear? No problem.

ByChastain Feb 5, 2021

The challenge? A no running workout with no gear. The reason? To prove it could be done. The outcome? See below.   5 other PAX joined

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First and firsts at Bizarro Diesel

ByDasBoot Jan 23, 2021

YHC Qing a gear workout, Brutus doing a pre-run, and then Gerber and Speed Bump arrive for the gear workout -- January 22 was Bizarro Day at Dies

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1 Mile of Rifle Carry…Hmm

ByPremature Jan 15, 2021

The Perfect Plan I planned the entire Wienke last night, set the alarm for 5:15 arrival at Diesel, setup Premature's famous cones in the parki

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My Shoulders Hurt!

ByCarb Load Jan 8, 2021

Warmorama: 50 X SSH 25 X IW Plank X 25 sec 25 X Plank Jack  Maintain plank while listening to Centerfold tell his story of standing in line

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