Death Valley

What time is it?

ByHops Sep 20, 2017

YHC pulled up and several pax were in their cars as if it was winter and 20 degrees. Eventually, they emerged from their "fartmobiles" as Horsehe


September Convergence (preblast)

ByDollywood Sep 15, 2017

Big thanks to Skywalker for the May convergence and talk. He shared about suffering in silence and I know that it touched many that attended.

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What does Meat and Potatoes really mean?

ByDollywood Sep 13, 2017

YHC is a young F3'er (just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with the Nation). I have heard once or twice the words Meat & Potatoes... frankly, i

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Bananas the bull rider

ByWildTurkey Aug 31, 2017

Conditions - cool  and breezy Disclaimer - Check Warm-up Side straddle hops x 15 Imperial walkers x 15 Low, slow squats Bull riders (mount

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Dearth Valley

ByHorsehead Aug 16, 2017

10 headed out for a Wednesday morning adventure into the hillz of Raintree, with the Q not too far behind.   THANG: Mosey a bit


Every vote was counted

ByBaracus Aug 12, 2017

They say 'better late than never' right?  Well, this backblast is certainly late, but will let you be the judge if it is better than never.  If

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CCC: Death Valley / Anvil

ByDollywood Aug 9, 2017

The next speaker in our convergence series is (SkyWalker) Jim Fagan! August 23: Workout kicks off - 5:30 am Workout ends - 6:15 am Coffee/T

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A basketball starting lineup

ByChinMusic Aug 3, 2017

5 men came out for a Death Valley original workout on an unusually nice morning in August.  At 5:30, a quick disclaimer was given and we set off

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Meat and Potatoes. Mostly Meat Though.

ByIckey Shuffle Jul 19, 2017

Due to the planned convergence with Death Valley, today's Anvil Weinke was designed to keep things simple since things can get out of hand quickl

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Disruptive Mumblechatter at the CCC

ByThin Mint Jun 21, 2017

This morning 42 men of Anvil, Death Valley and parts unknown converged at Calvary Church for 45 minutes of work, followed by 20(ish) minutes of c