Death Valley

Old School Rock Beat Down

ByHammer Feb 4, 2018

What had happened was: Alf called needed someone to step in. So I, being the perfect F3 Brother, stepped up even though I was hamstrung by an

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Neck scarves and EMOMS

ByDollywood Jan 4, 2018

After my usual complaining we started off with the usual warm up, laps around the light pole with some SSH and IW mixed in. With that we were

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Back to the Track

ByChinMusic Dec 28, 2017

Wondering what kind of turnout we’d have during the week of Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised to be joined by 5 other men— all looking to

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Mumblechatter Jaw Workout

ByBananas Dec 13, 2017

13 mostly outside salesman met for a cold workout, but neither the cold or the workout could shut them up.   Thang: Run down into r

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Pyramid Scheme

ByGeraldo Dec 7, 2017

8 Pax got out of the #Fartsack and posted in the #Gloom at #DeathValley for their DownPAINment. The Thang: COP:  Mosey down to the trac

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Earning the tryptophan crash

ByPurell Dec 1, 2017

Sorry for the late post, better late than never I guess. Thanks to Wingman for setting up my ability to finally post BB's. 8 PAX smartly deci

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9 Strong&Fast

ByDaisy Nov 29, 2017

9 Strong&Fast showed up for the midweek edition of Area 51's best and toughest workout on Hwy 51.  Here's what they did: Quick lap around


Final Countdown

ByYeti Nov 1, 2017

It was an honor to have my first Death Valley Q. I don't know the area very well, so we stuck to the track for most of the workout. Thanks to Spa

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They still do this

ByBananas Oct 18, 2017

12 guys that are regs and Rip Van Winkle (YHC) for a standard boot camp. Head to field SSH x 20 IC Merkins x 10 IC Low slow squats x


You can Thank My M

Bylaronda Sep 27, 2017

Last night YHC recalled his Q duty as he was investing in quality time with the M watching her favorite TV show (which, in the interest of keepin

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