Death Valley

Blinking Interuption

ByStage Coach Sep 3, 2014

Sixteen men gathered in the gloom to fulfill their mid-week downpainment.  Many of the regular chatter-boxes were absent, so it was eerily quiet

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Merkin….Run….Merkin repeat

ByStage Coach Aug 27, 2014

---Posted on behalf od Semi-Gloss, everyone's favorite shirtless Q--- 20 pax entered the gloom and came out the other end a little changed 30 S

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No I-Phone Required

ByJoker Aug 20, 2014

22 men gathered in the humid gloom of Death Valley for a poorly planned but a well executed morning workout. The Thang -LBC... yep, three set


Seeing Double Q’s

ByStage Coach Aug 13, 2014

The shovel flag was planted and 27 pax started their mid-week workout. Jog around the parking lot to warm-up. Be sure to circle Floor Slapper’s

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The Rise of the Merkinator

ByFireman Ed Aug 6, 2014

20 men stepped up this morning and got on the moist grass of the shockers football field for a beat down by Merkinator  Warm up:  Mosey to th

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ByStage Coach Jul 30, 2014

---posted on bahalf of Puddin Pop--- 24 men of the Roswell quadrant got together to help YHC celebrate the 1 year Anniversary cherry. The Thang


Back Blast – Death Valley

ByHeader Jul 24, 2014

20 Pax and 1 FNG set out in the gloom for what ended up being a nice little merkinfest. The thang... COP - 10 burpees OYO SSH X 25 IW X 20 M

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Gopher for PRESIDENT

ByStage Coach Jul 9, 2014

---Posted on behalf of Semi-Gloss--- 23 pax entered the gloom boys and came back men. The Thang Mosey to Track for a little warm up lap COP:

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Burpee Machine

ByStage Coach Jul 2, 2014

The crowd was lighter than usual at Death Valley this morning.  Fourteen guys posted in the gloom and sweated their arses off.  Jog one warm-up

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This Is Not A Ladder

ByStage Coach Jun 25, 2014

The shovel flag was planted (although most never saw it), and 23 pax started their mid-week workout. Jog one lap around parking lot and one lap a

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