Pain in Place

ByIce9 Mar 14, 2015

Stumphugger has a wounded wheel, as some know.  But he just can't live without his brothers, nor the work they do in the gloom  So we planned t


The gimp special

ByIce9 Mar 13, 2015

In honor of those suffering from a gimpy wheel, Commitment will offer a 6am kettle bell workout tomorrow, followed by a COP from 6:30-7am.  T


Noah’s Arcade

BySnowflake Mar 7, 2015

8 mighty men of #Commitment braced for yet another post in the chilly gloom. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait long to get warm..... Sparked

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Sets for 3 and Field of Dreams

ByDasher Feb 28, 2015

Warm up: Mosey around the buses to the rock wall SSH 20 IC IPW 20 IC Mountain Climbers 20 IC   The Thang: We grabbed a nice size rock


Wristy Business

ByOBT Feb 21, 2015

Aye, out of the Gloom came multiple Metro Clown Cars, gathering to check out the Union County phenomenon that is ... Commitment. AP and OBT on th


Thorny Valentine

BySnowflake Feb 14, 2015

Four warmly dressed Pax posted this A.M. to prove their Commitment to the 1st F. Here is what they got: SSH x 25 Squat x 20 Merkins x 15 Imperia

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Who’s Counting (aka: Hot Pants Has a Virginal Q)

ByIce9 Feb 8, 2015

Posted on behalf of Hot Pants Warm Up SSH x 19 IW x 20 Windmills x 20 Goofballs x 20 something The Thang Mosey to rock pile at side of s

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Churn and Burn

BySnowflake Jan 31, 2015

6 of the Faithful made a Commitment this morning and got busy. SSH x 25 Mountain Climbers x 15 - Hold it Merkins x 15 Imperial Walker x 15 Mose

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ByIce9 Jan 24, 2015

Nine brothers worked together this morning.  This is what they did: Warm Up: a few SSHs mosey to bridge, punctuated with some planking side

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Morning Merkins

BySnowflake Jan 17, 2015

Eleven Mighty Men of Purpose posted at WHS for a social exchange. Instead, they got the following: COP SSH x 50 Squat x 15 Merkins x 10 Mosey