Clyent Dinner

Ok, Then Throw Up and Get It Over With

ByCobbler Jan 24, 2021

NOTE: My phone malfunctioned during COT, get me a message and I can tag you (or 2.0) if missing. Clyent Dinner is quickly becoming a favorite

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Fun Night! at Clyent Dinner

BySugar Daddy Jan 15, 2021

If you have seen the picture that Gerber posted last night look again at the kids....they made it FUN!!!!! Also, I think Gerber summed it up wel

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From 7 workouts a week to 30 a week NOW!!

ByZinfandel Jan 8, 2021

And for my 61st Q, I yet again forgot I signed up but that’s ok. I’ve been sharpening my skill set for this very moment. Or in this case, I c

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F3 Scavenger Hunt (#2)

ByFuse Box Dec 18, 2020

TLDR (Posse taught me that).  Gerber's team won.  Gerber, Speed Bump, Orkin, FNG Hot Print, and C3PO beat Wrigley, Double Dribble, T1000, Drive

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A chicken and a Flock

ByChicken Little Dec 11, 2020

DICCS Given - CPR, Social Distance, Modify as needed, Cell Phone, and Watch for cars Warm up Down trail to shed and circle up 20- SSH

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Listen to the Children’s Laughter

ByCarb Load Nov 20, 2020

The evening was perfect. The table was set. Candles lighted to bring in the sunset from the Westward sky. The change of venue to the table on

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A Dinner With All the Fixins

ByGerber Nov 13, 2020

Post 50 year rainfall event and still having some light rain.  Would anyone show to the hottest Thursday night meal ticket in town? Well, the bi

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