Clyent Dinner

It’s Raining?!

ByGerber Apr 10, 2021

Another week, another Clyent Dinner Because of the "April 1 Q Challenge" I thought Boitano was on Q However, Boitano was Which quick

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Paper plates were flying at Clyent Dinner

ByDrive By Apr 1, 2021

Warm Up Lap around the parking lot 20 Side Straddle Hopes Calf Stretches Potato Pickers Lap around the parking lot then a mosey

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That Escalated Quickly

ByGerber Mar 26, 2021

Another Thursday, another pending storm, but no rain tonight. 10 pax and 2.0s made the initial start. DICCS 5:30, let's mosey! Since

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Storm Chasers

ByGerber Mar 19, 2021

What an interesting night. The weather outside is frightful, but the.... wait that's a different season. Still, The weather looked great, t

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Rooster Warm-Up

ByCarb Load Mar 10, 2021

Some idiot (YHC) had the idea to converge at Cuthbertson campus to do a pre-Rooster warm-up just to see where they were at for times on the mile

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Hot and Ready

ByGerber Mar 5, 2021

We've all been there. Q cancelation and you need to Q in a few hours.  What do you do. Grab something from the old: What's a Hot n

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Who serves B***s @ Client Dinner

ByHi Hat Feb 26, 2021

Always a pleasure to Q F3 Men and their 2.0s, IF WE BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!! PM workouts catching steam, fathers are connecting with their kid

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Time to Plant Some Seeds

ByC3P0 Feb 12, 2021

6ft DISCC Warm Up Mosey over to front of the middle-school to find a line of cars waiting for kids apparently, that weinke didn't last long #tw

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2nd PM Q of the Week

ByHi Hat Feb 6, 2021

PAX, my 2nd PM Q of the week. DICSS Giving, started with slow Mosey. The Thing - Kids Vs Adults Shoulder Dip/Dirkins/Box Jumps w/Running

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