We kind of had a FNG (Return of Golden Plates v2)

BySurge Feb 24, 2021

16 Pax showed up for my VQ at Chiseled today.  After very little prodding I was able to get a few Pax to attend that do not normally attend Chis

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2nd Chisel

ByEx-LAX Feb 18, 2021

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.   DICCS given The warmup: Opening mosey to front of church entrance Circle

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Men formed from Mt. Chiseled

ByHi Hat Feb 10, 2021

Chiseled is always one of my favorites place to post, it is even better when you get to Q.. The Q started out as swap w/Fusebox to get him ove

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“Blocks” Party at chiseled

ByFlanders Feb 3, 2021

Diccs were given   Warm up   Mosey to the entrance and back to the parking lot by mt chiseled for some ssh, runners stretch

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Back to the Original Stomping Grounds

ByBanjo Jan 27, 2021

It was awesome to be back at Chiseled Today.  I helped Fuse Box launch Chiseled many moons ago and it was great to Q it this morning and see it'

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ByRudy Jan 21, 2021

17 Pax showed up to start the day off right.   Since today was the day the 46th President of the Republic was inaugurated, today's workout woul

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19 @ Chiseled with a workout that made Slidah beg to run

ByPopeye Jan 17, 2021

The Warm-up - "Popeye's usual" Mosey around Mt. Chiseled to take the chill off, back to COT to warm-up. Popeye's usual, 15 reps each... S

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