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A Workout Any F3 Man Would LOVE

ByChelms aka Tatertot Feb 27, 2017

I've have been telling any PAX who will listen that 5pm on Thursday at AG is the place to be and 7 men found out why this past week. The THANG:

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Us Vs. the Gladiators

BySemi-Gloss Feb 20, 2017

Brisk President's day morn and 12 pax decided to not let me go back to bed. Items that we did. Mosey to carmel middle Cop Iw - 20 CAD Merkin -

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Why don’t we get fancy strobe lights and music?

ByChelms aka Tatertot Feb 6, 2017

With the Dirty BIrds blowing a HUUUGGGEEE lead the night before, 16 MEN posted at DMZ to get an early start on preseason training (BRR not that f


One Eye 500 – Centurion Edition

ByOne Eye Feb 3, 2017

22 strong posted in the gloom at Centurion for an unexpected, but highly effective WIB like beat down. Here’s what we did: 5:30 – COP –


The Sandlot

ByEgypt Feb 2, 2017

So, it's been a few days, but I'm pretty sure 11 dudes showed up, and I know we spent time on the baseball field and on a really dark street, an

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Wednesday 6

ByBushwood Jan 24, 2017

Anyone looking for a mid-week run? Maybe even a recovery run from Swift or a tempo run. Well, I am. So, please join me at the Dunkin Donuts at Re

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Earthworms & Inchworms

ByHops Jan 23, 2017

Bushwood's got the DMZ SF safely sequestered in his garage, so we planted the VSF, after a curious-looking vehicle pulled into Carmel Road Park,


Steeler Hangover in the DMZ

BySilent Bob Jan 17, 2017

With the real live DMZ shovel flag likely tucked snugly in the fartsack next to the DMZ site Q, seven of Area 51 and Metro's finest assembled aro

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Doubly warm at DMZ

ByAlf Jan 9, 2017

So Friday One-Eye emails me to remind me of my Monday Q at DMZ.  With Snowpocolypse only hours away I took a look at the weather.  Morning temp


Just a Hundred

ByMcGee Dec 31, 2016

AYE. This year has been a challenging one for me and my family. I've been posting at F3 several days a week since July of 2011 but these last few

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