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Learning about Teamwork and facing Fear

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 23, 2017

5 men and 10 boys from the Bull Dogs Matters program spent another day at the USNWC (what a blessing we have for such a wonderful facility to be

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The mystery of Sasquatch remains Unsolved

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 5, 2017

Clock hits 5:15 and the rain is coming down on the toughest course in Charlotte so naturally only the toughest 15 hombres show up for the first i


Pre-Blast – The Return of Horsey-McHorseArse

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 2, 2017

Time to  Giddy Up.    5:15am start on Monday in the gravel lot entrance to McAlpine off Sardis (south of Charlotte Christian Academy).  Optio


Bushwood’s Q

ByOne Eye May 22, 2017

18 PAX showed up at DMZ to start their week the right way.  Bushwood did not but more on that later ...  Here's what we did: Run up Camilla


DMZ – Monday Math

ByBenefactor May 8, 2017

12 strong stayed close to home but got some miles with some hill repeats. Mosey from Carmel Park to Church at Charlotte parking lot for SSH x 20

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ByKirk May 1, 2017

It was a warm and humid morning that greeted all of us, particularly the unfortunate soul that happened to visit the Carmel Park port-a-jon after

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Soggy Bottom Boys

ByBoutTime Apr 24, 2017

I am a man of constant sorrow...this applies most every Monday morning, but especially a rainy Monday. Only one way to get back in the right fram

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Some people are just committed

ByBushwood Apr 19, 2017

17 for this edition of Donut Run. We did the same thing as we always do: crush 6 miles and then pound donuts. Semi loves it. A couple of observat

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Lost and Found

ByHairball Apr 10, 2017

13 hardy gents posted in no-mans-land this morning – in the dead zone between Metro and Area 51, known as the DMZ. With about 4 weeks passed si

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Kevorkian in Plush Surroundings

ByStarfish Apr 5, 2017

We have enjoyed The Charge almost even more now that it has achieved "Rogue" status.  Rumors of its demise were premature.  One of the best AOs

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