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I caught a cheater and his name is One Eye

ByBushwood Aug 3, 2016

....more on that in a minute... Run to Carmel Pres --SSH x 20 --Mountain Climbers x 20 Run to Valencia Terrace and Partner up --20 Partner Derk

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A-1 AO

ByMermaid Aug 3, 2016

Shovel flag planted firmly by Baracus.  Geraldo was happy to see one in the real.  Small crew today ready to get after it in the heat and humid


Winter in Summer

ByBaby Face Jul 27, 2016

We had 45 min. to get everything done. Started w/ some karaoke & bear crawls, followed by backwards running and crab walk'n, followed by som

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False Advertising

ByTiger-Rag Jul 25, 2016

Apparently, pet's heads are falling off across the world of architecture today and this engineer is under duress to tape them all back on.  So


Paying it forward and having fun at the same time – can’t beat that

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jul 25, 2016

Four #HIM's and seven middle school boys from Grier Heights/Cherry Street ventured out to the US National White Water Center for some outdoor act


Horsey BB – Full Loop

BySwiper Jul 25, 2016

21ish PAX showed up for another rendition of Horsey McHorseSomething. (Editorial Comment: How did ppl come up with this name? It's odd. I think H


The Smokey III

ByKirk Jul 19, 2016

All in all, not a bad morning weather wise that greeted the seven of us this morning.  Clock struck 0530 and we were off.  Veteran crew, so a m



ByHorsehead Jul 18, 2016

Driving into the parking lot, I get a text from TR telling me that his BRR team-building exercise left him sore in funny places and I have the Q.


Don’t Forget the Disclaimer

ByEgypt Jul 18, 2016

19 Pax were curious to see if we really would try to run a 16-mile roundtrip in 45 minutes, and instead kicked the teeth off the Gaywind Hill (he


We’ve still got it!!

ByBodybag Jul 14, 2016

When I say “F”, you say “3”…….”F”, “3”, “F”, “3”. What a day this turned out to be.  After crying myself to sleep i

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