FAMRAP – Centurion Circuits – or something like that.

ByChampagne Dec 11, 2019

FAMRAP time again at Centurion - YHC thought of using an oldie but a goodie with a few tweaks for Centurion - thus you have Centurion Circuits.

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Speak for Yourself

ByChelms aka Tatertot Nov 22, 2019

It's hard to get it up - Anonymous I don't have trouble getting it up - speak for yourself - Snooka I don't get no respect - Rodney Danger


Slow Texting

ByPurple Haze Nov 15, 2019

A forecast for rain and temps in the 30s caused many to not even set the alarm last night, even though there's a parking garage at Centurion. It

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Centurion FAMRAP

ByMermaid Nov 8, 2019

PAX: Brilleaux, Lorax, Champagne, Thunder Road, Mr. Magoo, Snuka, Bout Time, Fallout, Tagalong, Lambeau, Mermaid 11 men posted for a Centurio

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Preblast: Centurion FAMRAP

ByMermaid Nov 7, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, A51 Nantan, Alf, brought a taste of WAMRAP (Wednesday As Many Reps As Possible) to Centurion. It was brutal. A swift kick

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Stay Home Halloween Candy Eating Fatties!!!

ByJRR Tolkien Nov 6, 2019

(missing 1 pax... let me know who and I'll add later) As Milli Vanilli so popularly lipsang in 1989 "Blame it on the rain!", only 8 PAX showe

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Fire up the Glutes

ByLorax Oct 29, 2019

YHC rolled into the AO a few minutes early followed by Chelms and Magoo. We gave Chelms some coats YHC and Way had donated at Anvil on Wednesda


Are you wearing your summer coat?

ByHops Oct 4, 2019

First time in years that YHC was first into the launch lot before any workout....think there was something in Q school about being first one the

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Getting Weird on Friday the 13th

ByProhibition Sep 13, 2019

It was a balmy full mooned Friday morning on the 13th of September at Centurion. What you are about to read may be disturbing for some. Discre


3/4 of a Runstopper Special

ByBoutTime Sep 6, 2019

A dirty dozen forsook the muggy, mountainous slog that is BRR and posted at Centurion instead. They may have dodged the miles, but not the suck.

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