Centurion Mile

ByMermaid Dec 18, 2015

Pax arrived via various methods.  YHC, Utah, and Cane ran in and met the pre-run group of Chelms, Abacus, and Margo (Snowflake? Others?)  Pleas


Preblast: Centurion 12/18/2015

ByMermaid Dec 17, 2015

The workout tomorrow will hammer on upper and lower body, as well as core, at a fast pace. Recovery will be done actively or with your core engag


Dark Parking Lot

ByMargo Dec 11, 2015

25 men decided to better themselves this morning. Perfect weather at 48 degrees. Veteran crew today so YHC gave quick disclaimer and off we went


The Charlotte Catholic Triangle

ByFrasier Dec 4, 2015

The preblast was sent out yesterday.  Mermaid drew a niffy diagram to help illustrate what my words were trying to say.  Surprisingly the major


Centurion Preblast 12/4/15

ByFrasier Dec 3, 2015

Here is the game plan for Centurion tomorrow.  We are staying on campus but are going to cover a lot of ground.  There are three areas of the c


Q-less Dealer’s Choice

ByUdder Nov 27, 2015

5:20 on a lazy post thanksgiving Friday morning. Not a soul to be found. Run stopper must have ate himself silly or succumbed to the desire to jo

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What the H$(% happened?

ByChelms aka Tatertot Nov 22, 2015

22 hard core Pax, who either ignored the pre-blast or were up for the challenge, gathered at CCHS to see what the parking deck could dish out thi


Centurion Pre-blast – Reading may encourage fartsacking

ByChelms aka Tatertot Nov 19, 2015

Pick a partner and start at level 1 One burpee and then backward run halfway up ramp and cross over to level two Sprint to beginning of ramp u

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Dime, a Dozen

ByTuck Nov 13, 2015

Dime, a Dozen.  A workout so important and sensational that the media arrived halfway through to collect footage and possibly conduct intervie


Iron Sharpens Iron: Redemption

ByMermaid Nov 6, 2015

YHC's last Q at Centurion was 9/25/2015.  We utilized BLIMPS.  Chelms called YHC out and stated clearly via tweet that BLIMPS was no Bermuda Tr