Base Camp

12 (or 14) Days After Christmas

ByJello Jan 8, 2018

When Udder posted on Slack about wanting to head to the Muthership for some CSAUP, I knew this was a great time to step-up and get my butt moving

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New Year, New You

ByWildTurkey Jan 3, 2018

Nine pax made a conscious decision to start their 2018 in the best way possible: a freezing cold hour of work at Base Camp. YHC is pretty sure he

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The Benny and Thunder Road Era Has Officially Begun

ByDrano Dec 11, 2017

18 PAX, posted on a frigid Monday morning to partake in another addition of F3’s finest. With the disclaimer duly given, we were off… W


Duck Duck Goose visits Basecamp

ByBenny Nov 28, 2017

8 Pax made the smart decision to not #Fartsack and enjoyed sub freezing temperatures this morning. Following a proper disclaimer where we'd keep

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Back where I come from

ByChinMusic Nov 21, 2017

On a chilly Monday morning as we awaited take-off, Pele reminded me that Base Camp was where it all began for me as an F3er, and he was there to

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Soggy Track Work

ByAlf Nov 13, 2017

Today Horsehead turned 40.  He didn't do 4o burpees.  Didn't even really seem to entertain the idea for a second when it was mentioned before C

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Jack Webb and 2.24 miles of running

ByBenny Nov 7, 2017

Basecamp Q 18 strong pax made the decision to post at Basecamp today on a rather warm November morning. After a proper disclaimer was given the

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FNG Calls Site Q a Woman

ByGoonie Nov 3, 2017

Posted on behalf of Purell: 15 pax (including 1 FNG) squeezed into a school bus filled parking lot ready to jump-start their week with a healt

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Audible to run for the hills and keep the mumble chatter low

ByDrano Oct 26, 2017

POSTED FOR THE MOUTH... Copy and Pasted 11 Men showed up to BaseCamp this week… Q woke up to pouring rain and had to make a decision to cont

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To Rain, or Not To Rain…

BySlim Fast Oct 17, 2017

12 PAX gathered (Insomniac joined late… but on-time for him, so I will give him credit) on a mild and pleasant Monday morning ahead of the shif

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