Base Camp

The Wrath of Goonie

ByTorpedo May 24, 2017

I am late in getting this out and had to deal with the Wrath of Goonie on being late.  So here it is for your reading pleasure.... 11 men came

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What…No Triple Nickel

ByCostanza_colabell May 15, 2017

Arrived a few minutes early this morning and thought was going to be small showing but as seen on tv…..wait there’s more.  The PAX grew to

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Back to an Old Bag of Tricks

ByHops May 8, 2017

23 pax mustered in the south Charlotte gloom for another Monday morning edition of BaseCamp. After a stumbling disclaimer by YHC, we launched int

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No Apologies, Just Modifications

ByLorax May 2, 2017

Good group of 15 at Base Camp for my VQ at the site.  I have posted a good bit at the site for Base Camp and Fast Twitch in the past, but unfort

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Are we really going to do this?

ByStrawberry Apr 26, 2017

What a wet Monday morning! Not a lot of cars in SCMS parking lot. Only four arrived, and we only disembarked about a minute before 5:30. “I wa

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I don’t know, I don’t have any.

ByGummy Apr 17, 2017

No children? No elephant books. 19 men gathered in a middle school parking lot at 5:30 on a Monday morning. Well, 18 gathered, Simba showed up e


Simple but effective

ByHannibal Mar 27, 2017

16 strong men assembled at Base Camp for their trek to start the week off right. After a thorough disclaimer for the veteran crew (#notneeded), w

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Off and Running

ByTawney Mar 20, 2017

Compared to last week, the weather was a mild 40 degrees. We welcomed 2 FNGs, whom will forever be known as "Parmesan" and "Tony Danza". The Tha

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Basecamp (a few days late)

ByThunderRoad Mar 16, 2017

Twelve Men braved the cold this past Monday for some early morning work Disclaimer was given and off we went to the track COP SSH X 15 Low

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Sextuple Nickel

ByHairball Mar 6, 2017

14 young guns brought the wood to Basecamp this morning. A balmy 40 degrees – not too cool, not too hot. A disclaimer held together by duct tap

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