Base Camp

Audible to run for the hills and keep the mumble chatter low

ByDrano Oct 26, 2017

POSTED FOR THE MOUTH... Copy and Pasted 11 Men showed up to BaseCamp this week… Q woke up to pouring rain and had to make a decision to cont

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To Rain, or Not To Rain…

BySlim Fast Oct 17, 2017

12 PAX gathered (Insomniac joined late… but on-time for him, so I will give him credit) on a mild and pleasant Monday morning ahead of the shif

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No Time to Spare… 3.35

ByDrano Oct 9, 2017

12 PAX, posted on a perfect Monday morning to partake in another addition of F3’s finest. The mix between wind and temperature was about as goo

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“This isn’t Fast Twitch Tweetsie!”

ByTweetsie Sep 27, 2017

Another Monday morning in the gloom- another opportunity to start the week off right at Base Camp. After a little bit of scouting around the n

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The few to brave Irma

ByCostanza Sep 12, 2017

Given the wind gusts and post BRR weekend,  thought no one was going to show up but Smash had already arrived.  Drano pulled in at 5:25 only to

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The Big House – Today’s Episode: Teaching Ourselves to Step Up and Lead…or…Costanza is 90% close to being renamed

ByDumpster Fire Sep 4, 2017

18 PAX who stayed in town for the Labor Day holiday got an extended Special Edition of The Big House, with 60 minutes of solid effort and anywher

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Rain, but not Delay

ByDrano Aug 7, 2017

POSTED FOR ADOBE... COPY AND PASTED 13 PAX assembled at 0530 hrs in the South Charlotte Middle School Parking lot at Base Camp despite a soggy

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Basecamp 7/31

ByThunderRoad Aug 4, 2017

Eighteen men showed up for Basecamp COP at the 50 yard line: Rest of the disclaimer was given SSH X 20 IW X 25 - (cadence was quest

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Old School Bootcamp

ByDrano Jul 26, 2017

Due to credential issues I (Drano) am posting Snoopy's written out BB. Copy and Paste... The Thang: Disclaimer Given Mosey around the pa

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Basecamp BB

ByNomad Jul 23, 2017

The THANG: Disclaimer given Mosey around parking lot to front of SCMS for COP: SSH X 25 Imperial Walker X 20 Windmills X 15 Mou

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