Base Camp

Base Camp in the Rain, when you’re climbing the mountain you gotta expect some rain to fall

ByStrange Brew Nov 18, 2013

14 Men were conned by Mother Nature into believing there wasn't going to be any rain, that is until we were about to step off and then it poured,

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The Udders Deck

ByFireman Ed Nov 12, 2013

On a brisk Monday morning a little extra energy ran through the pax as we were all very thankful for all those who served to give us the freedo

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Cold! What Cold?

ByFireman Ed Nov 4, 2013

  With a frigid arctic blast arriving this weekend; conditions were ripe for a perfect workout.   13 men enter the gloom this morning for

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There’s nothing wrong with an impromptu touch of the nibbler…

ByPassport Oct 28, 2013

YHC managed to be 2 minutes late (running theme these days), as the "Go" Juice took on an additional meaning in the wee hours of the morning! (T

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Ani-maul mayhem

ByPassport Oct 21, 2013

12 brave men (including 1 FNG) woke from warm cozy fartsacks to endure some cold and wet pain management Monday morning. YHC had 2 special surpri

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Man VS Buses

ByPassport Oct 8, 2013

A pax of 10 men entered the gloom this morning for a beat down as they were surrounded by 30 buses.  The weather was perfect the rain held off u

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WTF…Webster’s on Q?

ByRun Stopper Sep 30, 2013

Gimpy aka Webster aka Run stopper was on Q today, and as always it was a nice easy workout for 17 men at base camp, not a lot of mumble cha

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According to Fireman Ed, blame it on Geno Smith!

ByPassport Sep 17, 2013

One beautiful crisp September morning a pax of 18 strong entered the gloom for some downpainment.   The weather was perfect for the beat down

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Area51 Labor Day Convergence

ByHoney Bee Sep 2, 2013

82 men including 7 FNG’s and one of Metro’s finest took to the fields and parking lots of South Charlotte Middle School to put in some manual

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Nightmare near Elm St…

ByPassport Aug 20, 2013

{Note:  virgin Q BB posting...apologies to all 12 other PAX, as the delay in posting is in no way indicative of the MONSTER heart, will and dete

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